Hump Day Excerpt: Katie Porter’s SNAP

Happy hump day, friends! You’ve made it through half the week, which isn’t always easy, so let’s celebrate with some sexytimes! We have an extra-special treat for you today, from writing duo Katie Porter‘s latest, Snap. It’s the story of (this is really good, you guys) Captain Laurence “Laurie” Madigan spent a year as a prisoner of a Russian cartel. Now back stateside, his homecoming isn’t going as planned, and he’s detained and put under observation via his best friend, psychologist Gemma. Snapping under the pressure, Laurie escapes, taking Gemma hostage. Now that’s what we call conflict!

Ready for the sexiness? To the excerpt!

“Come here,” Laurie said, crooking his finger toward Gemma.

She took one step, then cocked both a hip and an eyebrow. “Why?”

He draped his hands over the arms of the chair and lifted his chin in challenge. “Because I want you to. Because you want to.”

Her mouth parted so Laurie caught a peek of the damp and delicate inner rim of her ripe lower lip. Her feet moved toward him. Only one step at first, then another. She locked her gaze with his, so he felt as if he were reeling her in.

He was trying so hard to fool them with this sane act. They both knew monsters of the worst sort dwelled and gnawed in the dark recesses of his mind. Guilt was the hardest to bear, chewing on the few soft bits remaining of Laurie. Here, however, when they breathed too hard and when Laurie’s pulse rushed in his ears, he would claim what he could—even if it meant taking advantage of her lowered defenses. He knew compassion fueled her desire, but he couldn’t find it in him to give a damn.

She stood between his knees. He leaned forward and found the bottom button of her plaid shirt. When Laurie parted the placket, she tightened her sleek stomach muscles by sucking in a breath. He spread a hand across her flesh. Resilience beneath silken skin revealed her fitness. She was lean beauty, wrapped in agility and powered by a canny, too-hopeful mind.

He pressed his lips to the tender spot beneath her navel. She breathed faster now and rested her hands at the back of his neck. Sensation worked over his skin like the kiss of a disappointment yet to come. Nothing like this lasted.

“What are we doing here?” Her voice was mostly a whisper, and partly a promise of more—a promise he would never believe. “Laurie? This is…”

“Crazy. This is crazy.” He returned to the task of unbuttoning her shirt and parted the cloth to reveal her beautiful skin. She’d put her bra back on. Though she had obviously tried to wash it out, she hadn’t been able to remove smudges of rusty brown that could only be blood. His dried blood. “That’s what you needed to know about me, isn’t it? How far gone I am? I’ll tell you a secret, Gem. I’m far gone enough that I mean to fuck you in a stranger’s home. And it won’t be softness and roses.”

She drew her bottom lip between her white teeth. “We’re not supposed to be here.”

“Doesn’t that make it that much better?”

Laurie tramped down the urge to drag her near and bite her tender lower lip. He would do so more forcefully than she did as she worried. She deserved some gentleness after how fiercely they’d used each other the night before. That was what it had been. Using. He hadn’t minded, and Gemma hadn’t protested. They had needed each other on a primal level. That still applied. Gentleness was a concept so far beyond him it might as well be the searing heat of the sun.

He wanted her too much. He wanted another sinful taste before he rocketed back into hell.

“Let me,” he said roughly.

“Do what?”

“Anything I want.”

“That’s a lot to ask for.”

“Yet you’re considering it. You know it won’t be pretty, but it will be amazing.” He spread his hands wide across her back and ribs. “And that’s not just me being arrogant. That’s you and me. There’s something crazy at work here. Bigger than both of us.”

“Sexually, you mean.”

“Of course.”

“Of course.” Her words were wound with tension, like a spring about to burst forth. She never took her hands off his nape. In fact she speared her fingers through his hair so hard that a whisper of shivering pleasure made his scalp tingle. The likelihood of finding pleasure amidst any kind of pain would have been impossible a few days ago.

Now he took it for what it was: encouragement. He swept in and claimed her mouth just hard enough to pass back a little of that delicious pain. The miracle of kissing wasn’t in the press of lip to lip, though that was already intimate, considering his absence of soothing touch. It was how he and Gemma breathed together. Moved together. Deep, stroking kisses could give way to nips in a moment, with neither of them surprised. They were bound up in each other and in the timeless moment.

Here, at least—if nowhere else—Laurie knew who he was.

“Tell me, Gem. Yes or no.”

With her lips between his teeth, he nibbled, then increased the pressure until she softly moaned. “Yes, Laurie. Anything.”



Gemma undid the rest of the buttons of her shirt and shimmied out of the warm cloth. She hadn’t realized it was warm until the air against her bare skin made her tremble. Or was that from looking into both clear and haunted blue eyes?

After ditching her bra, she went to work on Laurie’s shirt. She left it on, because wiggling it over his bandages would be doubly difficult when it came time to dress once again. Instead she pushed the fabric wide to reveal the lean, striated muscles along his sides, the strong curves of his pecs and the rigid definition of his abs. Distinct V-lines angled down toward his groin and disappeared at the waistband of his jeans. Without looking away from his eyes, Gemma undid his fly and zipper. He only needed a nudge of encouragement to lift his hips. She pulled the clothes to his calves.

She was so edgy and turned on that going through the tedium of unlacing his boots was an unwelcome distraction. Still, she had it firmly in mind to fuck him on the chair, which meant having as much room to move as possible. She kicked off her stolen shoes and stripped naked.

There was vulnerability and power in standing before him, as he lounged half-dressed, with his cock hard and reaching toward his navel. She held him in a spell, and he held her. He was right. This was dreamtime. She’d lost her friend, and she would lose her lover, but not before reveling in their combustible passion.

“One day,” he said, his voice deep and sensual, “I’m going to be healed well enough to fuck you, not the other way around.”

“You think you’re so helpless? I bet that’s not how it happens.”

“What would you like to bet?”

Gemma knew they were swimming quickly toward more dangerous waters. He’d said “one day”, which implied they would make love again—on a distant occasion when his shoulder would be healed so well he could lever over her outstretched body and dominate her completely. She shivered.

Then there was the possibility of a bet…

“I’m not betting anything. I’d rather you fucked me right proper than win some trivial bet.”

“What happened to seduced and ravished and all that?” He took his prick in hand and slowly stroked its turgid length. “And how do you know it would be trivial?”

“I’m in the mood for a good fuck,” she said with a grin. She closed the distance between them. “And I don’t know about the bet. Most things seem trivial right now compared to what you have to offer.”

With a cheeky glance toward his assured stroke, he asked, “This?”

“And your mouth. And your hands on me.”

“Then quit pissing around. We have things to do.”

She used the back of the chair to straddle the armrests. He stopped touching himself to catch her waist and make sure she was balanced. She licked his earlobe. “Who’s to say I don’t need more foreplay? What if I’m not ready?”

Laurie trailed his hand from her waist to the ache between her legs. “You’re wet for me, Gem. You’re soaked, and I’m hard as hell. Get down here.”

He pressed unforgiving hands along the tops of her thighs. Gemma grabbed his cock and angled it toward her body, just in time to welcome the downward force of his tense grip. They met in the middle with entwined groans and a shocking jolt of sensation. She loved being filled like this, so completely, so ready for the storm to come. She couldn’t remember any previous lover who filled her to the point where she felt her orgasm building with only a stroke or two. He was large, firm, wide, assured.

With his hands clenching her ass, Laurie set the pace—just as she knew he would. Technically she rode him, using her thighs to do most of the work, but she was lost to him. She gave her body and her greed to him like a gift.

He slid his good hand up her back and drew her down for a tense kiss. They hadn’t relaxed yet. They were fighting the potential, and she didn’t know why. Self-defense? The fear of disappointed expectations? She smoothed her tongue along his and moved her lips to deepen the kiss as their heat built. Forget doubt. Forget resisting how good this could be. It was too late to undo what had the potential to be amazing.

“More,” she gasped. “I know you can give me more than this.”

He let his head fall back against the chair’s rich upholstery. Blue eyes snapped with bold fire. “I think that would be going against my doctor’s instructions. I’ve been shot, you know.”

“I heard that about you.” She took his earlobe between her lips then nibbled until his stroke increased. “But I doubt she’d offer too many objections.”


“There’s physical therapy, and then there’s therapy for the mind.” She drew back and cupped his cheeks. “No probing. No questions. Just enjoying a moment neither of us imagined.”

He grinned, full and beautiful. Gemma’s heart flipped. She hadn’t seen that smile since before his departure. His eyes narrowed, and his bright white teeth shone past curved, parted lips. Oh, how she’d craved this return. He didn’t have dimples, but the lines on either side of his mouth were defined enough to suggest a hint of softness. He used to laugh easily, although quietly, as if he rode just above the fray but stayed close enough to his friends to enjoy their company beyond measure.

“Gem, you don’t know how brilliant my imagination can be.”

“Then imagine fucking me the way I deserve to be.”

“You’re a good girl. You deserve sunshine and satin sheets.”

“We have the sunshine and privacy. That’s enough. And don’t you dare make assumptions about me. You’re not the profiler here.” She kissed him hard, using all of her aggression. “You’re the big, strong man who has some bloody fierce needs. Shut up and show me.”

Laurie’s hand at her nape was possessive as he took control of their kiss. Dizzy in mere seconds, Gemma held on to his uninjured shoulder and the back of the chair as he launched a full-on assault against her senses—or for her senses. With perceptive lips, he sought every place that felt marvelous, or needed attention, or was in want of surprise. She moaned into his mouth. The force of his tongue was strong but allowed enough play to circle her own and seek the pleasure of giving too. Only when he caught her lower lip between his teeth did her body remember how deeply he still pierced her wet center. When kissing, they had stilled almost entirely.

There was no ignoring their connection now.

“You taste amazing,” he said between kisses, between thrusts that increased in speed and depth. “Right now, and last night. Like honey, Gem. I don’t want to get enough.”

She trailed her mouth down his throat. She would’ve liked to kiss more of his breathtaking torso, but she couldn’t reach. That meant even more attention for the delicious skin beneath her lips. “I make you greedy?”

“You make me reckless. You make me think I’m alive again.”

Surprising tears prickled her eyelids. “You’ve always been alive, Laurie. No matter what happened, you survived. That was all you. But this…this is far more than survival.” She met his eyes again and captured his face when he tried to look away. “This can be a celebration. No matter how brief, this is proof of just how good living can be.”

As if he couldn’t process—or didn’t want to process—what she said, Laurie arched her back so her nipples angled toward his mouth. He forced his cock into her ready body, and his ferocity thawed her, even burned her. She didn’t care. It was feeling. It was so strong that she had no room to think. His moan against the soft underswell of her breast was her undoing. She’d thought she had given in completely, but she had been so wrong.

He pulled one nipple between his lips and sucked deep. She tightened her hold on the back of his head and scraped her rounded fingernails against his scalp, urging him, needing him. He nipped and nibbled, before moving up to the sensitive skin between her neck and her shoulder. She gasped. Sparks of ecstasy burned more hotly than when he tongued her nipples. Her second moan must’ve been a clue for him to keep up that attention.

He dropped his arm, then cupped her arse with his hand and his forearm’s granite-hard line. With a sharp jerk, he pulled their upper bodies flush. He latched his mouth on to the curve of her throat and sucked harder, while his hips pumped up, up, up. Gemma was lost. A distant part of her knew she’d have bruises when he finished nursing her tender skin like a vampire thirsty for blood, but oh, God, she didn’t care.

She trusted the strength of his chest and let his good shoulder take her weight. With her crown pressed against the chair, her mouth by his ear, she reached down to hold on to his low back. She was being consumed, even as she felt the tense and release of his powerful hips. Did he know how much vigor he still possessed? How strong he was?

She couldn’t ask him outright, mostly because she knew the answer to each question. He didn’t know. He didn’t believe in anything but this.

“Don’t stop,” she whispered roughly. “Please, Laurie. Don’t stop. You…”

“Tell me.” His words were a barely human growl.

“Men find my breasts and stay put, but you… You’re an explorer. An adventurer. You found my special spot. No one ever has.”

He slowed only long enough to trace a finger down the skin he’d made damp with fervent kisses. “Here?”

“Yes,” she said with a shiver.

“Then let me find your rhythm too. You have one, don’t you? When you’re alone and you need release? Tell me. Tell me you touch yourself.”

She groaned. “I do.”

He bucked his hips, and she retaliated with the sharp clench of her fingers. “I can picture it now,” he said breathlessly, looking into her eyes as he picked up the pace. “You in your bed, knees splayed like they are now. You working your pussy and twisting in the sheets, fighting to find what you need.”

“God, Laurie. You weren’t lying about your imagination.”

“Is it good enough? Does it feel like this?”


“With any man?”

“Laurie, don’t…”

This was treacherous. This was sex. No time to be honest. She couldn’t let it be anything more.

He pulled them flush with another animalistic groan. “Tell me. With any man?”

“No,” she whispered.

She felt like she had handed over her soul.

Nothing stopped them now. He pulled and thrust. She lifted and lowered. They pressed their heads together, right at the temple, so Gemma almost believed she could feel his pulse, hear his thoughts, sense the ricochet of his pleasure joining hers. Her thighs ached, with tender inner skin made slick by her arousal. She had known from the first moment they’d joined that he had the cock to make her come with only a few strokes. Dragging it out was so much better. They edged each other so hard. Gemma wondered if she was too far gone to come. Too sensitive. Too turned on.

“Breathe, love,” he whispered. “Breathe with me.”

Snap is out now, in stores and online, and you can grab your very own copy here: Amazon | BN | Kobo | iBooks | All Romance. If you’d like some more Hump Day excerpts (who wouldn’t?) we’ve got you covered

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