June’s Mystery Releases Bite The Big Apple

Many people escape to the Big Apple to chase their dreams and fill their lives with bright lights and rich culture. But every city has a dark side and in this month’s Mystery overview, New York is center stage for some chilling cases.

In Linda Fairstein’s Terminal City, Assistant DA Alexandra Cooper is called in to solve a string a murders where the victims are found with a strange mark on their bodies. Her search for answers leads her to an underground city beneath Grand Central Terminal. Meanwhile, All Day and a Night by Alafair Burke introduces readers to NYPD detectives Ellie Hatcher and JJ Rogan, who are tasked with examining evidence to see whether or not the original trial for a murder was tainted.

Things take a historical turn with Eleanor Kuhns’s Cradle to Grave, which is set in 1797 and takes place in both New York and Maine. The protagonists find themselves traveling to a New York Shaker community to help clear a friend’s name of kidnapping and murder charges.

Last, but not least is The Book Stops Here by Kate Carlisle, which is a bit of a cheat because it doesn’t take place in New York. However, the plucky heroine’s name is Brooklyn, which is where our lovely offices are located. When Brooklyn Wainwright lands a gig on The Old Attic TV show as a rare book appraiser, she suddenly finds herself investigating the murder of one of her guests, much to her boyfriend’s dismay.

These NY lovin’ books are available now, so be sure to grab your copies today! And for more exciting mysteries, visit our Everything Mystery page!



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