Killer Jobs: Occupational Hazards In April’s Mysteries

Sure, work can be stressful, but the characters in this month’s mystery overview have jobs that are absolute killers. Reading our April mystery picks will make you feel better after a bad day at the office! Take a look:

The cover of Rick Mofina's Whirlwind

In Rick Mofina’s latest, Whirlwind, reporter Kate Page’s life takes a suspenseful turn after she begins an internship at a Dallas newspaper. Hoping to earn a full-time position, Kate works tirelessly to showcase her talents, even though she misses her daughter terribly. When she’s sent to cover the aftermath of a deadly tornado, Kate meets a woman searching for her son, who was last seen with a stranger during the storm. Kate takes it upon herself to find the woman’s son, but will she solve the mystery before it’s too late?

Allison Brennan takes readers on another thrilling ride with Notorious, where we meet Maxine Revere, an investigative reporter with her own TV show. Max is soon sucked into the mystery behind a 13-year-old case, the murder of her best friend. Her other friend Kevin was tried but not convicted of the crime, though many believed in his guilt. Not Max, though, and when Kevin’s sister asks for her help after Kevin commits suicide, Max quickly discovers a killer is still on the loose.

The cover of A Second Helping of Murder by Christine Wegner

Trixie Matkowski returns with her wit and fiery attitude in Christine Wenger’s A Second Helping of Murderand this time she must team up with deputy Ty Brisco to find and stop a killer responsible for two deaths. Trixie just wanted to run the Silver Bullet Diner and and rent out her cottages, but it looks like her summer just got a lot more complicated.

And in Under a Silent Moon, Elizabeth Haynes introduces readers to DCI Louisa Smith, who is thrown into her first big case when the police are called in for two deaths. One is a suspected murder, the other a suicide. But when Louisa discovers a link between the two, things grow even more dangerous and ominous. Will she be able to uncover the truth before someone else dies?

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