Lucky 13: Our Most Anticipated Mystery, Suspense And Thriller Books Coming in 2013

With a new year comes resolutions, new beginnings and best of all … new books! This month we’ll be sharing 13 titles across the genres we’re looking forward to in 2013, continuing with Mystery, Suspense and Thriller releases! So just in case your TBR list wasn’t already a mile long, here are a dozen (plus one!) mystery/thriller/suspense titles we’re anticipating in 2013:


Into the Dark by Alison Gaylin 

Releases February 2013



Guilt by Jonathan Kellerman 

Releases February 2013

For 27 books, Kellerman has thrilled readers with his Alex Delaware series. That is over two dozen crimes where we got to play “backseat driver” as the psychologist solved the case. But even we are wary of getting too close to Alex’s next investigation. In Guilt, Alex is tasked with finding the truth about a decades-old murder of an infant and how the homicide is linked to more recent crimes occurring all over Los Angeles. The possibility that the newborn was murdered in a ritualistic sacrifice already has us shuddering and we haven’t even begun reading it!




Calculated in Death by J.D. Robb 

Releases March 2013

Balancing her life as a police lieutenant with her relationship with billionaire husband Roarke has never been Eve Dallas’ strong suit. Getting to the bottom of unsolvable crimes in a futuristic Manhattan, that’s more our girl’s style. So when Eve and her partner Peabody are sent to investigate a mugging that ends in murder, she is more than ready to dive in head first just like we are getting ready to do when this book releases in March. 



Six Years by Harlan Coben 

Releases March 2013

Did they or didn’t they? That is the question that Jake Sanders is asking himself in Coben’s next release. Six years ago Jake was forced to say goodbye to Natalie, the woman he loved, when she married another man. Learning that Natalie’s husband has died prompts Jake to attend the funeral so he can get a glimpse of the woman he lost. However, the grieving widow is not his Natalie. A confused Jake is determined to figure out what is happening, but the more he investigates the more it seems like Natalie is just a figment of his imagination. Maybe someone is setting him up — or maybe he is just losing his mind. 



Taking Eve by Iris Johansen

Releases April 2013

Eve Duncan may have solved the mystery surrounding her daughter’s kidnapping, but that doesn’t mean her search for answers is over. Instead this forensic sculptor works to bring closure to others who have lost loved ones. In Taking Eve, the 13th book in the series, Jim Doane asks for her help in finding his 25-year-old son, Eve is leery of getting involved since Doane is hiding something that could get her killed. 



The Carrion Birds by Urban Waite

Releases April 2013

The sophomore effort from new author Waite has quite a buzz going. And with comparisons made between Waite and Cormac McCarthy and Dennis Lehane, it’s no wonder so many can’t wait to get their hands on The Carrion Birds. But the reason we are so excited is that this novel is touted as being “Southwest noir.” We’ve been suckers for modern Southern noir since reading Tom Franklin’s 2010 release of Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter and we can’t wait to see how Waite tweaks the noir subgenre by setting the story farther to the west. 



Shotgun Lullaby by Steve Ulfelder 

Releases May 2013



Deeply Odd by Dean Koontz 

Releases June 2013

Odd Thomas, Koontz’s aptly named psychic, goes on a road trip in the sixth outing of the series. With visions of multiple murders swimming in his brain, Odd travels through California and Nevada to stop the savage killings before it is too late. But when he realizes that instead of one madman, there is a whole network of criminals, he retaliates by gathering his own group of vigilantes to try head off the violence that is about to be unleashed. 



The Heist by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg 

Releases July 2013

When the creator of Stephanie Plum (Evanovich) teams up with a seasoned TV screenwriter (Goldberg) great things are bound to happen. This is why we are so eagerly awaiting the first novel in the pair’s new series, which will feature FBI agent Kate Winslow. We don’t have all of the details about Kate, but we do know that she is hunting an international fugitive named Danny Cole. The publisher is promising readers a mix of “crime, romance and adventure,” which makes us wonder if Kate is going to be taking a walk on the wild side with bad boy Danny. 



The Eye of God by James Rollins 

Releases July 2013

There isn’t a lot that Rollins’ Sigma Force hasn’t seen. Keeping religious artifacts, ancient technologies and modern science out of the hands of America’s enemies has not been an easy job, but these agents working for a covert arm of the Defense Department are more than ready for the task. From recovering the bones of the Magi to deciphering the secrets of the Greek Oracle of Delphi in the last eight novels in the Sigma Force series readers have traversed the globe. So where will we be going next? Only Rollins knows for sure, but with the title The Eye of God we are definitely thinking there will be some scary Biblical-type destruction happening in this release.



Unseen by Karin Slaughter 

Releases July 2013

The Will Trent series started in 2006 with stand-alone Triptych. But being one of those completely unforgettable characters, soon Will had another book and another and another. With a tragic past of his own, Will, an agent with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, brings an unstoppable determination not to let bad guys go unpunished. However, hunting down pure evil day in and day out comes at a steep price. While there is no room for sunshine and rainbows in Slaughter’s novels, the twisting tragedies have been known to cause readers near visceral reactions. Ready or not, Will’s next story, Unseen, will be releasing this summer. 



Bombshell by Catherine Coulter 

Releases July 2013

No list of suspense must-reads would be complete without a mention of Coulter’s Savich and Sherlock. But while this married FBI duo is on a high-profile political case in D.C., a second mystery emerges involving Special Agent Griffin Hammersmith, whom readers first met in last year’s novel Backfire. On his way to meet his sister in Virginia, Griffin is informed that his younger sibling has been found unconscious and covered in blood at her school. With emotions overriding his instincts will Griffin be able to look at the case objectively or will his preternatural ability to get into the minds of killers leave him in a darker place than the one he already inhabits? 



Tell No Lies by Gregg Hurwitz

Releases August 2013

Hurwitz could write a grocery list and we would read it. His books are not your average whodunits; these tales offer complex looks at average people and what happens when they are pushed too far. This author has the ability to deliver sickening violent scenes in one chapter and then an emotionally gripping scene in the next. So even though we don’t have any info on his Fall 2013 release Tell No Lies, we still had to put this book on our list of “must reads” and we encourage suspense fans to do the same.


Which mystery, suspense and/or thriller stories are you most excited for this year? Let us know in the comments! And you can always find the latest genre news and coverage on our Everything Mystery, Suspense Thriller Page.



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