Mystery Book Recommendations: April 2013

With hundreds, maybe thousands, of crimes to choose from, mystery authors have a plethora of mayhem to include in their novels. So what fictional crimes are proving to be popular this month? Three classics — break-ins, kidnappings and murder. And no matter which kind of story gives you chills and keeps you up at night, we’ve got your fix. Check out our handy guide to this month’s most intriguing crime stories.

While a break-in, most of the time, doesn’t lead to violence, it can be quite disturbing to have your home burglarized. There are two titles out this month that investigate suspicious break-ins. First up is When the Devil Doesn’t Show by Christine Barber, a procedural mystery about home invasions during the Christmas season in New Mexico. And the second is There Was An Old Woman by Hallie Ephron which has heroine Mina mistakenly accused of trespassing. The home she breaks into is actually her mother’s, but even Mina’s best snooping skills may not be enough to save her mom from an unknown threat.

Kidnapping is a parent’s ultimate fear. Not knowing where a loved one is or if you will ever see them again has been the focus of many, many TV shows and movies, and this month there are two books that delve into this dark subject. The Money Kill by Katia Lief has private investigator Mac and his wife Karin meeting up in a foreign country with their assistant and kids, only to find out that the children have vanished. And in Iris Johansen’s Taking Eve, it is not a child missing, but rather the titular Eve Duncan who disappears at the hands of an unknown suspect. 

And finally, we get down to the heart of any great crime novel — murder. While most mysteries have something to do with killing, in one way or another, there are three stand out books this month that focus on a deadly crime. Debut author Kimberly McCreight’s Reconstructing Amelia is a haunting look at a mother’s investigation as she must figure out who killed her daughter. Candlemoth by R.J. Ellory will transport readers to the 1960s where a man convicted of murdering his best friend dredges up old memories before he is executed for the crime. 

These two books are gritty and dark, so if you are looking for some ‘off screen’ violence, then we suggest the fun cozy Going, Going, Ganache by Jenn McKinlay which takes place at a cupcake bakery. So while murder isn’t sweet, you know that at least the setting is!

You can pick up all of these titles, available in stores this month. Looking for more thrilling titles? Click here to visit RT’s Everything Mystery Page



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