Mystery Book Recommendations: July 2013

Are you itching to solve the next great case? Then brush off your investigative skills and pick up these RT recommended July titles that are sure to satisfy your need for complex, thrilling and dangerous mysteries!

First, let’s find the missing pieces to these cold case mysteries. In Into the Dark by Rick Mofina, Detective Joe Tanner uncovers an overlooked clue in a case that connects five murders. With the husband of one of her patients as the prime suspect, psychologist Claire Bowen soon finds herself involved in the case. Doubts about her own husband and his mysterious past begin to arise, and Claire has to decide who to trust. In Zoethi Zan’s The Never List, best friends Sarah and Jennifer are abducted and wake up in a cellar with two other girls. Years after escaping, Sarah begins piecing together clues to reveal something much bigger than just kidnappings. Lisa Jackson’s Tell Me features characters from her earlier book, The Morning After, and finds reporter Nikki Gillette digging for new information in an intriguing case from the past. But will her curiosity lead to danger?

Open investigations are the focus of these next titles and they’re sure to delight readers looking for chilling plots with exciting twists and turns. In Tami Hoag’s The 9th Girl, a girl’s body is found with half her face melted away and homicide detectives Kovac and Liska are tasked with solving the case. The danger escalates when they discover the killer’s trail leads to the school Liska’s son attends. Meanwhile, in Her Last Breath by Linda Castillo, police chief Kate Burkholder is called upon to investigate the fatal accident that killed her friend’s husband and two of their children. And in Bombshell, Catherine Coulter’s latest, FBI Special Agent Griffin Hammersmith investigates the attack made on his sister, which resulted in a bloody crime scene. Problem is, most of the blood isn’t hers.

Our final recommendations feature crimes in progress. In Hunting Eve, the second in Iris Johansen’s Eve Duncan trilogy, Eve escapes from madman Jim Doane and disappears into the wilderness. Meanwhile, Doane continues killing those involved in his son’s death and his path for revenge leads to assassin Zander. Eve better watch out or she’ll end up caught in the middle of this deadly rampage! Last, but not least is Elizabeth Adler’s Please Don’t Tell in which protagonist Fen is expecting a visit from her niece but instead finds a stranger covered in blood on her doorstep claiming he was in a car accident. Can Fen trust this man or will her instincts lead to a costly outcome?

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