Mystery Book Recommendations: June 2013

As a private investigator, cop or FBI agent, hunting down criminals is the name of the game. However, there are some professions that are not always synonymous with the world of murder and mayhem. This month, we focus on our favorite June mystery, thriller and suspense novels that feature unlikely crimefighters.

Reporters are supposed to be the eyes and ears of a city, but sometimes they are called on to do more. In The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes we meet Kirby, a reporter who is trying to solve the mystery behind her own attack. When she finds links to similar murders in several different time periods she begins to suspect there is more to this killer then anyone imagined. When the time-traveling killer finds out that Kirby is still alive he sets out to correct his mistake. In If You Were Here by Alafair Burke, reporter McKenna Wright is trying to find out the identity of a woman captured on video saving a stranger on the subway tracks. She is shocked to see that the woman is her missing friend, Susan, that she hasn’t seen in ten years. When evidence goes missing and everyone refuses to help her, McKenna must ask for assistance from that last person that would ever help her — a cop that she accused of murder and planting evidence. 

Therapists have a reputation of having heard it all, but when murder is involved all the rules are different. In Unspeakable by Kevin O’Brien, Collin is recovering from his mother’s murder when he is hypnotized and the person he becomes is unstable and violent. Years later he contacts therapist Olivia Barker to try and figure out more and Olivia becomes determined to discover the truth about Collin. In Always Watching by Chevy Stevens, therapist Nadine must confront her own past in a commune to help her find the truth in order to help her patient with a similar problems. Her inquiries soon lead to danger.  

There is nothing more relaxing than crafting, but you might never expect a crafter to lead a secret life as a super sleuth. However, this is exactly what happens in Close Knit Killer by Maggie Sefton. In this story, knitter Kelly must find out who really killed a con man when her friend, and fellow knitter, Barbara is accused. In Looming Murder by Carol Ann Martin, weaver Della finds herself trying to clear the name of her student after he is accused of killing a local businessman who had less than honest business dealings. Della is not used to visiting crime scenes, but she does this and more in order to unravel the truth.

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