Mystery Book Recommendations: May 2013

Whether you enjoy a fun whodunit or a more thrilling (and dangerous) story, there is a mystery novel just waiting for you to dive into. And this month, there are several books that you won’t want to miss. But just to make sure you grab your perfect book-match, we have created this graphic that reveals the intensity of our favorite recently released mysteries. Enjoy!

Okay, okay. So this first group of ‘light’ mysteries still offer murder and mayhem. However, without gratuitous violence on the page, readers can focus on sussing out the bad guy rather than cringing at graphic scenes. If you are looking for some sleuthing fun, we suggest picking up Dead, White, and Blue by Carolyn Hart and Gluten For Punishment by Nancy J. Parra.

All Top Pick! rated novels, Seduction by M.J. Rose, His Majesty’s Hope by Susan Elia MacNeal and Murder in Chelsea by Victoria Thompson offer readers first class villains, compelling mysteries and heroes (and heroines) to root for. While these stories focus on complex secrets, each has an underlying theme of hope, redemption and the search for justice.

Consuming, thrilling reads, the last bunch of books will have you leaving the lights on. The evil permeating the pages of Murder as a Fine Art by David Morrell, When the Devil Drives by Christopher Brookmyre and Carved in Darkness by Maegan Beaumont will make your heart pound. With villains as smart as they are brutal, you’ll be wanting to run for cover even as you race to the book’s end.

You can pick up all of these titles, available in stores this month. Looking for more thrilling titles? Click here to visit RT’s Everything Mystery Page



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