Mystery Overview: December

Were any gauntlets thrown at Thanksgiving? Any vendettas to be sworn by New Year’s light? For our December mystery picks, nothing completes the holiday season like a hearty dose of vengeance — especially when justice is served in the name of family. 

In Maggie Barbieri’s Once Upon a Lie, Maeve Conlon’s awful cousin Sean is murdered, finally freeing Maeve from his abuse. But all is not well when her forgetful 80-year-old father becomes a prime suspect. Maeve must deal with her past in order to clear her father’s name.

Meanwhile, in Laura Joh Rowland’s latest, The Shogun’s Daughter dies from smallpox, but her mother isn’t convinced the disease was behind her death. Believing her daughter was murdered so the family’s enemy could become heir, Sano desperately tries to solve the murder before it’s too late.

Kelley Armstrong concludes her Nadia Stafford trilogy with Wild Justice, where Nadia finally tracks down Drew Aldrich, the man who murdered her cousin and got away with it. But somebody beats Nadia to the punch and kills Drew before she can. Nadia soon becomes a target herself as she learns new truths about her cousin’s murder — truths that changes everything.

Last, but not least is Innocence by Dean Koontz. In Koontz’s latest, Addison Goodheart has stayed in the shadows for his entire life, not wanting to show his disfigured face to the world. But when the man who took him in is murdered, Addison is alone. Six years later, Addison crosses paths with Gwenyth, a reclusive woman who’s out to avenge her father’s murder. Addison and Gwenyth connect, but her enemies are hot on her trail. Will she succeed in her mission? Will Addison’s loneliness finally be over?

To find out what happens in these chilling mysteries, make a trip to your favorite bookstore — or shop online! Visit our Everything About Mystery Page for even more recommendations.



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