On Marriage, Mothers and Murder: Meg Cabot Tells All

Meg Cabot doesn’t just do princesses, she also writes madcap murder mysteries! And this week the erstwhile protagonist of her Heather Wells mystery series finally gets down the altar — or tries to anyway, as corpses and family drama stand in the way of Heather’s HEA in The Bride Wore Size 12. We caught up with Meg for the scoop, and some pointers on wedding planning — and murder solving.

The element of surprise is useful — even necessary — while catching a killer, but surprises are definitely not something you want while planning your 400 guest wedding to the man of your dreams.

But that’s exactly what my heroine gets in The Bride Wore Size 12. I’ve been writing these books since 2005’s Size 12 Is not Fat, the first book in the series, in which former teen pop star Heather Wells gained a few pounds …. then lost her boyfriend, her home, her recording contract and her life savings (when Mom took the money and ran off to Argentina), in rapid succession.

Four books later, Heather’s finally happy again — with her new shape (size 12 is average for an American woman!); new job — as the assistant dorm director at one of New York’s top colleges; and her new home — in the fancy brownstone of her soon-to-be groom, the elusive, yet alluring, private detective Cooper Cartwright.

But it wouldn’t be a Heather Wells mystery if something wasn’t going wrong, and this time, what’s going wrong is the worst: Both a corpse and Heather’s long-lost mother have turned up just a few days before Heather’s much-anticipated wedding to Cooper.

Now Heather’s got some advice for any brides out there who might be making their own trip down the aisle under similar circumstances:

– While visiting your dressmaker for a fitting, take a mental survey of all available escape routes. You never know when you might have to make a run for it!

– “Killer shoes” is just an expression. Or is it???

– Brides aren’t the only ones who rehearse. So do murderers. 

– Not every mother of the bride is up for the job. Don’t despair! You’ve got tons of friends who’d be happy to fill in for that $%^#.

– Bridesmaid gifts of pocket size pepper spray are perfectly acceptable if a killer is still on the loose on the big day.

– Yes, the wedding planner does seem like a nefarious person whose fees are clearly criminal. But that doesn’t mean she killed anybody! Cross her off your list of suspects.

– It’s as hard to find a bridesmaid dress on which all your friends can agree as it is to catch a stone-cold killer.

– Remember when writing your vows:  anything you say may be used against you in a court of law.

Intrigued? Then be sure to check out The Bride Wore Size 12, out now. For more Mystery and Suspense book news, be sure to visit our Everything Mystery page.



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