On the Casting Couch: Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher Dream-Cast Never Never Plus a Bonus Q&A!

Listen, Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher know YA/NA. We know this. We also know their crossover book, Never Never, out now, is full of trademark angst and … hotness. So obviously we asked Colleen and Tarryn who would make up their dream movie cast for the book. Keep reading for an exclusive QA, where they discuss book two — and more!

Silas Nash and Charlie Wynwood:

Colleen: My dreamcast for Silas Nash would most definitely be Zac Efron. I pretty much want him to play every character in every book I write, because … Zac. *Sigh*

Tarryn: When I think of Charlie Wynwood, I think of Alexia Fast. Her eyes are expressive, just like Charlie’s. They have the same lips. I hate to cast obnoxiously beautiful people because people aren’t that perfect in real life, and Alexia’s beauty is subtle, classy and unpretentious.

Zac Efron and Alexia Fast
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Brian Finley:

Colleen Tarryn: Cato, in The Hunger Games, is a force to be reckoned with. He goes after what he wants. In Never Never, Brian has a few confrontational moments and we wondered … what would Cato do? In reality, we just wanted to volunteer as tribute during these scenes.


Alexander Ludwig

Janette Wynwood (Charlie’s sister): 

Colleen Tarryn: Janette is Charlie’s younger sister. Like most teenage girls, she can be sweet as pie one minute, then moody the next.  For Janette, we picture Bailee Madison. She has very similar features as Charlie. She has a subtle beauty and sweetness about her, but she can play the part of moody teen well. 

Bailee Madison

Landon Nash (Silas’ brother):

Colleen: Since I want Zac to play every character, his handsome younger brother is perfect for Landon. Dylan has that look of the All-American football player meets boy next door. I had to add him to the cast, even if he is not necessarily an “actor.”

 Dylan Efron

The Shrimp:

Colleen Tarryn: In Never Never, we have a character who is just know as The Shrimp. When attention is cast upon her, she turns pinkish, like the color of a shrimp. Her mysterious vibe and look reminds us of Rumer Willis. 

 Rumor Willis

  * * *

Who came up with the idea for Never Never?

Colleen: Never Never is based on an idea I had originally considered writing on my own. I knew I wanted it to be about two high school students who suddenly lost their memories, but I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go with it. I’m so glad I ended up writing it with Tarryn, because her perspective brings a whole new element to the table.

How did you guys end up deciding to work together?

Tarryn: Colleen told me about her idea for the book, and I kept pushing her to write it because I loved the concept. But Colleen kept doing other things, like making Instagram videos of her pig and singing Taylor Swift songs, so I finally just wrote the first chapter for her.

Colleen: I used to say I would never collaborate with another author on a project. I thought after collaborating with Griffin Peterson, I’d never be lucky enough to find another person I work that well with. And I was right, because Tarryn is evil and she drinks Coke. But I loved the chapter she wrote. It was exactly how I’d envisioned the book starting. I ended up writing the next chapter and sending it back to her, and we went back and forth like that for several chapters. It was fun, because neither of us knew what was going to happen next.

A lot of people have asked: Who’s going to write the final chapter?

Colleen: I am.

Tarryn: I am.

When does the next book release?

Tarryn: We are excited to announce that Never Never: Part Two will be out on May 17, 2015!

What other projects are you both working on?

Colleen: I have Confess releasing on March 10th, and then I plan to work on November Nine.

Tarryn: I’m working on Marrow, but I don’t have a release date for it yet.

* * *

Tell us what you think of the dream cast in the comments and be sure to purchase your copy of Never Never today! And mark your calendars for the sequel on May 17th! For more YA and NA authors, books and buzz, visit our Everything Young Adult page!

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