RT’s Ungift Guide for Booklovers

You know what’s hard to buy for booklovers? Books! Who knows what your favorite booklover has already read — or has on hold at the library? And because the Internet has provided you with enough gift guides, full of book-related stuff — And who needs more stuff? Our closets and shelves are full! — this year for you, we’ve got RT’s Ungift Guide for Booklovers Everywhere. As ever, we’ve separated our thoughts by genre, but who’s to say you can’t crossover?

EROTICA: Why not bring your sexy into focus with a saucy set of boudoir photos for your favorite guy or girl? You’re certainly as smoking as any erotica heroine, even if you don’t know it. (Anastasia Steele was unaware of her epic hotness, need we remind you.) So why not show it off for a keepsake photo for your partner? Here are some highly rated places in Washington, DC, New York City, Chicago and Seattle. And after you book your appointment, check out this Pinterest page for inspiration.


MYSTERY: Sure, you’ve always wanted to go to one of those murder-mystery weekends. Us too. But why not take your favorite booklover to the interactive Sleep No More, a performance art piece where actors in masks take on Macbeth in different parts of the “abandonded” McKittrick Hotel. This creepy good fun can be had in — where else — in RT’s own New York City.

HISTORICAL ROMANCE: Perhaps you’d like to find your very own Highlander! (Who wouldn’t, especially after seeing Jamie Fraser on the small screen.) Then may we humbly suggest you splurge on a trip to Scotland for you and your favorite booklover! (Maybe you had a very good year!) On this hiking trip, you’ll see exotic places with wonderful names like Fairy Lochs and the Isle of Skye.

If your booklover would prefer to commune with other historical-loving bookworms, consider gifting a trip to the The Jane Austen Society’s Annual General Meeting, being held this year in Louisville. Celebrating the theme, “Living in Jane Austen’s World,” the three-day immersion into the Georgian and Regency time period takes place in October, so there’s plenty of time for you both to also attend the No. 1 place for booklovers to gather  — The RT Booklovers Convention, in Dallas, May 12 – 17.

CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE: Why not help the contemporary lover in your life into their favorite trope? Does your booklover devour tales where hot chefs steam up the pages? Why not gift some cooking classes?  Always been a fan of those heroines starting their own BBs? Treat your booklover to a visit to one of these top luxury bed and breakfasts! And if your bibliophile is suddenly interested in all things sports, why not treat them to a minor league sporting event? The hyper-local events are often more affordable and accessible — and think how much closer your booklover can sit to the players and coach! So many potential heroes. Here’s a listing of minor league baseball and hockey teams to get you started.


ROMANTIC SUSPENSE: Okay, so we know a lot of booklovers prefer to live vicariously. But what if you romantic suspense fan is actually dying to experience some adventure first hand? We would really like someone we know to go to Stunt School. That’s right, you can gift a one-week, Seattle-based course for your favorite suspense fan, where they’ll learn the ins-and-outs of wire work. Awesome, right?

If you’d prefer to keep your booklover closer to home, consider aviation lessons. Romantic suspense characters are always flying around the globe at a moment’s notice, why not let your booklover get a taste of the action? Check out these guidelines for selecting the best flight school near you.  

YOUNG ADULT: Listen we love YA. You know we do. But we don’t really want to spend our days in a barren, awful dystopian landscape. What we’d rather do is watch beautiful, Hollywood celebrities pretend to suffer in those aforementioned worlds. So why not gift your YA lover with some movie tickets? Or event better — a moviepass. Then you can go along and meet Theo James (Insurgent, March 2015), Liam Hemsworth (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, November 2015), Jeremy Irvine (Fallen, 2015), Richard Madden (Cinderella, March 2015) and Dylan O’Brien (Scorch Trials, September 2015). We could go on, but you get the idea. But we’ll go on if you’d like.

There you have it! Our best 2014 Ungift Guide for your favorite booklover. Any other ideas? Sound off in the comments. And feel free to invite us along to Scotland, stunt school — or the movies. We’re available. Happy shopping!

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