Self-Published Bestsellers: December 2014

So many self-published titles are released each and every day, it’s hard to know which ones are worth your time — and your cash. As always, your RT Web Team is here for you, to help make sense of it all. We’ve scoured the bestseller lists to put together some of the top-selling titles that caught our eye this month. Get your TBR list ready!  

Gone, Parts One Two by Deborah Bladen
December 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance (novella)
The Story: Listen, Bladen is a self-publishing pro. The woman knows what she’s doing — her covers are gorgeous, her release dates reliable. So expect epic drama and massive cliffhangers, though all three parts are now available, meaning you don’t have to wait if you must know what happens in the story of Lilly, who sends a half-naked pic to a stranger, as one does. (Seriously, don’t do this. Even if you think you may be a New Adult heroine.) Tech firm CEO Clive gets the picture — and now holds Lilly’s future in his sexy, sexy hands. (You already expect each part to be novella length, yes? Okay good.)
Buy it: $0.99 cents a piece on Amazon,, Kobo — or buy all three parts together for $2.99

Hard Limit by Meredith Wild
December 2014
Genre: Erotica
The Story: Book four in the Hacker series hit No. 1 on the New York Times e-book list in December, so major snaps to you, Ms. Wild. The series features yet another tech heroine, which we love, as fellow ladies who earn their livings via html. Internet entrepreneur Erica is ready to tie the knot with software mogul Blake (do you think that’s what’s on his business cards?!). Only, as this is book four of a five-book series, complications ensue, this time in the form of Blake’s ex and his sexy past. Except major sexytimes and twists galore.
Buy it: $6.99 at Amazon,, Kobo

Curves ’em Right by Milly Taiden
Paranormal Romance
The Story: Were you just saying to yourself, “Self, I really wish I had a menage, shapeshifter romance featuring a curvy heroine to read?” Well then today is your lucky day. Because this fourth novella in Taiden’s Paranormal Dating Agency is just that. Happy day! Robust Daniella is after her HEA, so she’s willing to try out the Paranormal Dating Agency (PDA—yes, PDA, love it).  Good thing Kane and Blake (another Blake!) need someone to complete their Alpha Triad — someone like Daniella.
Buy it: $0.99 on Amazon,

Daniel’s Gift by Barbara Freethy
1996, then 2011
Genre: Contemporary Romance
The Story: This reissued version of a 1996 romance will require tissues, so consider yourself warned. In a Lifetime-worthy plot: Lisa’s son Danny is critically injured in a car accident while searching for his dad, Luke. Luke, who thought Lisa had an abortion 12 years ago, is an unhappily married man, who now may never get the chance to know his son. Way back when RT reviewer Jill M. Smith said this one had a “tender poignancy.”
Buy it: $4.99 on Amazon,, Kobo

Have you read any of these titles? Let us know what you think in the comments! We’d also love to hear about your favorite self-published romances. And remember, for more love stories, you can always head over to our Everything Romance page.

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