Self-Published Bestsellers: June 2015

So many self-published titles are released each and every day, it’s hard to know which ones are worth your time — and your cash. As always, I’m here for you, to help make sense of it all. I’ve scoured the bestseller lists to put together some of the top-selling romance titles that caught my eye this month. Get your TBR list ready!   

The Substitute by Denise Grover Swank
Contemporary Romance
Published: January 2015
The Story: Swank, who’s already seen success for her self-published mysteries, has a new contemporary romance series out, The Wedding Pact, which stars four friends who swore as girls that they’d be married by 30. Only a fortune teller foretold disaster for their vows … Which leads us to The Substitute, which stars erstwhile bride No. 1, Megan, who’s heading home to finish wedding planning except she kind of forget to tell everyone the wedding’s off. Good thing she meets Josh on the plane, and while doped up on Dramamine and booze, tells him of her plight. Megan passes out, Josh helps her off the plane and in some While You Were Sleeping-style shenanigans, is mistaken for her fiancé. There some plotting chicanery in which keeping up the pretense will help Josh save his business … and they’re off fake wedding planning their hearts out. It’s funny, it’s sexy and it has my favorite of romance genre secondary characters — the eccentric granny. 
Buy It: 99 cents on Amazon,, iTunes, $3.99 on Kobo

Beautiful Sacrifice by Jaime McGuire
New Adult
Published: June 2015
The Story: McGuire’s continuing her Maddox Brothers series via self-publishing, and this month it’s Taylor’s turn as the firefighter woos prickly waitress Falyn. Falyn’s not interested, which we all know is basically catnip to those Maddox boys. There’s tons of requisite drama and twists as these two crazy kids try to work it out. (Fair warning, some reviews rage against said twists, so prepare accordingly.) Proof that McGuire knows self-publishing, her cover is excellent, and her blurb can’t be beat. Check out this sentence: “In the end, Maddox persistence is met with Falyn’s talent for leaving, and for the first time, Taylor may be the one to get burned.” And you know how I love a good play on words. 
Buy it: $5.99 on Amazon,, iTunes, Kobo

Kane by LA Casey
Contemporary Romance
Published: June 2015
The Story: Fancy a trip to Ireland, but only have a few dollars to spare? Then let me introduce you to the Slater Brothers, a bestselling self-published series by Dublin native Casey. This latest offering stars, you guessed it, Kane, who is a tortured hero, in a serious love-hate relationship with tough-as-nails Aideen (which is the best heroine name ever). So lyrical! There’s banter and a family you’ll love. Reviewers particularly all praise the first in this series, Dominic, if you’re so inclined. 
Buy It: $3.49 on Amazon,, Kobo, $3.99 on iTunes

Faith by Terry Towers
New Adult
Published: February 2015
The Story: It wouldn’t be a self-publishing bestseller roundup here at RT without a borderline romance! Faith warns you up front with its series title, A Dark Romance. There’s also an author note warning of violence and mature situations. So! Here we go: Emily is a pastor’s daughter, out for a night of fun with her friends when she meets Tanner. Tanner … trains sex slaves. There are no cliffhangers here as Towers gets these two to their HEA. Reviews vary, as you might expect, in this 50 Shades-ish tale of redemption, but this title is high on Amazon’s bestseller lists. 
Buy It: 99 cents on Amazon, (Not available on Kobo or iTunes)

Have you read any of these titles? Let us know what you think in the comments! We would also love to hear about your favorite self-published romances. Why not check out other self-published bestsellers from past months here?

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