Self-Published Bestsellers: March 2015

So many self-published titles are released each and every day, it’s hard to know which ones are worth your time — and your cash. As always, your RT Web Team is here for you, to help make sense of it all. We’ve scoured the bestseller lists to put together some of the top-selling romance titles that caught our eye this month. Get your TBR list ready!   

Shopping for a Billionaire by Julia Kent 
Contemporary Romance
Published: February 2015
The Story: This bind-up includes five titles from Kent’s Shopping for a Billionaire series. The funny, sexy series stars mystery shopper Shannon (greatest heroine job ever), whose hero is department store owner (and billionaire, natch) Declan. She’s snarky and curvy, he’s … a billionaire. Reviewers particularly love the supporting cast here, Shannon has a quirky family and a grumpy cat who charm throughout the more than 600 (!) pages. If you feel like some chick lit, get clicking. 
Buy It: Parts one through five on sale for $2.99 at AmazonBN.comKobo

Monsters in the Dark Trilogy by Pepper Winters
Genre: Erotic Romance
Published: November 2014
The Story: From quirky comedy to … kinky human slavery. Trigger warnings abound here (nonconsensual sex, in particular) and you could argue that human trafficking is a serious issue that isn’t sexy and should never be glorified. Yet there’s no denying that Winters’s boundary pushing titles are popular with readers looking for a dark and gritty romance, this trilogy has hit both the New York Times and USA Today lists. I leave it to you to make up your own mind — this is surely why the acronym YMMV was invented. So! This trilogy follow Tess, who is kidnapped into slavery. Q purchases her and a love story ensues. I don’t know, you guys. 
Buy It: You can get the entire trilogy as a boxed set for $9.99 on Amazon, $10.00 on, and separately for $3.99 each on Kobo.

Rock Hard by Nalini Singh
Contemporary Romance 
Published: March 2015
The Story: Hey, how about a boardroom romance? Sounds good to me! Nalini Singh has so many well-deserved fans it’s no surprise that her self-published contemporaries are hitting the charts. This one stars former professional rugby player and ruthless CEO Gabriel Bishop. Gabriel specializes in turning around companies on the brink of failure. Charlotte works at Gabriel’s new conquest — and, you guessed it, Gabriel wants Charlotte to be his new conquest. (I’ll be here all week! And every week! Seriously this is my job.) Charlotte has a traumatic past she’s working to overcome, and thanks to Singh’s significant talent, the slow-burning romance is worth the wait.  
Buy It: $4.99 at Amazon,, Kobo

Consolation by Corinne Michaels
Contemporary Romance
Published: March 2015
The Story: Ugh, this story sounds so good. Navy wife Natalie (Lee, to her friends) is happily pregnant and waiting for her husband to come home from his tour. Only he’s killed — leaving Lee alone to care for their unborn daughter. Lee grieves, has daughter Annabelle and tries to live. When her husband’s best friend and fellow sailor Liam returns, they understand each other’s grief and feelings grow … Prepare yourself for a cliffhanger ending (it’s so much better when you know up front, no?) — the second half of this duology, Conviction will be out in June. (I already looked for spoilers and I couldn’t find any. And my Googlefu is considerable, so.) 
Buy It: $3.99 on Amazon,, Kobo

Have you read any of these titles? Let us know what you think in the comments! We would also love to hear about your favorite self-published romances. Why not check out other self-published bestsellers from past months here?

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