Series Starters You Need to Read: March 2015 Edition

Is there anything better than discovering a series just at its start? When you’re reading those first pages and you’re thinking this is going to be so good! And then, when the series gets big, you can say, “Oh, I’ve been reading those forever.” Such are the wonders of being a book lover. And so, we present to you: three awesome new series you need to try ASAP. You can thank us later. 

First Time in ForeverThe Girls of Mischief BayPrudence

First Time in Forever by Sarah Morgan
Series: Puffin Island
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Puffin Island, Maine, which is based on Penobscot Bay. Look out for the underlying sustainability theme, which we especially appreciate. 
The Story: A series mainstay, Morgan’s been branching out into full-length contemporaries for a while now. And with her new series the author seems to have another hit on her hands (the starter earned an RT Top Pick!). The story stars Emily, who’s scared of the ocean, yet running to Puffin Island with her niece after her half-sister’s death. Yacht club owner Ryan has his own issues with the island and commitment (this is a contemporary romance, after all). Read along as Puffin Island brings them together! (Also, tell us honestly, does this title not have you singing the Frozen soundtrack? We bet that was intentional.) 

The Girls of Mischief Bay by Susan Mallery
Genre: Mainstream Fiction
Series: Mischief Bay
 This one is set in another place you’d like to live, Mischief Bay, a coastal, Southern California town. (And a real place with interesting history!) We are looking out the window at snow and ice, so this sounds pretty good to us right now.
The Story: If you’re more in the mood for a mainstream tale, why not try Mallery’s new series? The twist of this latest offering is that the three leading ladies are all at different points in their life. There’s a thirtysomething pilates instructor with a checked-out husband, a fortysomething career woman who might suddenly want more and a fiftysomething stay-at-home mom who’s wondering what’s next. Expect laughter and tears.

Prudence by Gail Carriger 
Genre: Steam Punk
Series: Custard Protocol

Setting: Steam Punk British Empire
The Story: 
Fans of Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate series will be pleased with this new offering, starring Alexia’s daughter, Prudence. Eager to have her own adventures, away from the shadow of her famous parents, Rue sets off for India when she is bequeathed a dirigible. Which is pretty much exactly what we would do. 

What do you think? Will you try any of these series debuts? Let us know below! And for more new reads, be sure to visit our Everything Romance, Mainstream and Fantasy pages!

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