Shadowhunters Recap: S1, E 11: Blood Calls to Blood

Last time, there were two of everyone, Izzy got arrested and we met Jace’s not-dead dad! 

We pick up right where we left off as Jace’s dad staggers out of the closet. (Literally.) Jace is understandably freaking out — also he’s still poisoned, remember? Michael says Valentine has been holding him captive for 10 years. He also reports that Valentine split — and took Jocelyn with him. Jace is getting worse, so they walk him to Valentine’s standing portal. (Sure!) Michael remembers some stuff that makes Jace believe. I HOPE THIS WORKS OUT. 

Parent Trap Good Luck!

Alec and Izzy are brainstorming how to get her out from under her treason charge. Their parents are under suspicion, so they can’t help. Alec says he can ask Lydia to delay the trial. Izzy knows she’s a scapegoat for the Clave, because they want the cup — which, last they saw, went through to another dimension with Clary and Jace. Alec really wants to fix this for his sister. 

Best buddies Luke and Simon are at Werewolf HQ, trying to help Simon with his new vampire lifestyle, when Jace, Clary and Michael bust in. Luke is surprised to see Michael. Clary once again tries to do my job and recap recent events for them. Real nice, Clary. Real nice. They need blood to save Jace — so Simon and Clary rush off to get some O negative. 

At the Vamp Motel, Raphael predictably doesn’t want to help. Vampires! Simon suddenly has all this vampire gossip and blackmails Raphael into handing over some blood. Raphael capitulates but makes Simon stay. 

The trial is starting! The inquisitor shows up and gives Lydia the business. She’s mad about everyone bending the rules — this is just what happened last time Valentine took over. Lydia tries to stick up for Izzy and say Meliorn escaping was probably not Valentine-orchestrated, but the Inquisitor will have none of it. None I say!

Jace is better! Michael talks with Clary and weirdly defends Valentine and maybe I am reading too much into this but I’m suspicious. Clary goes to talk to Jace — she’s suspicious too. Clary’s got an other dimension hangover. They make out. I don’t hate it. 

Clary and Jace Make out
Yeah they do.

Michael says Valentine injected him with downworlder blood, allowing him to overhear his plan. Valentine is moving operations to Renwicks. Wah wah. Clary will go check it out with Luke while Jace rests. Because Jace is a grown man who respects his woman and her power. Predictably, as soon as they leave Michael is all over Jace for skipping a mission. He doesn’t say, she’s just a giiiiiirl, but, like, I hear the subterfuge, bro.

Alec goes to see Magnus, who’s still miffed about Alec’s wedding. Magnus is wearing an amazing shirt. Magnus says he’ll be Izzy’s advocate at the trial if Alec hands over his bow and arrows. (Literally.)

Luke and Clary head to Renwicks and see some glowing eyes. Clary realizes Michael is a lying liar. Jace and his dad are sparring as Michael sows the seeds of doubt about Jace and Clary’s relationship.

Trial time! Oooh Silent brother! Magnus is there to defend Izzy. Magnus gets to say, “this whole thing is out of order,” which delights me. Izzy testifies. She makes an impassioned speech.

Law  Order Outtake
No, you’re out of order!

Clary wants to use the cup to control the demons on Renwicks. Michael says then Valentine will take it. Clary sneers. This whole plan fits like a pair of Bad Idea Jeans. Luke, Michael, Jace and Clary return to Renwicks. They sure are cool with easily trusting a dude who has been gone for a decade in the clutches of a villain! Jace and Michael leave Luke outside with Valentines minions to fight. I’m cool with this but once they find Clary, she is upset by this news!

Clary busts in and finds her mom, except she’s still coma-ridden. Clary wants to find Luke, but Michael’s all, ehhhh collateral damage. Clary is not okay with this. Jace asks Clary to trust him. 

Magnus calls Lydia to testify. Lydia randomly decides to defend Izzy for saving Meliorn, whom she sentenced to the Silent Brothers in the first place. Lydia withdraws the charges. I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT’S HAPPENING. The inquisitor is like I don’t care — we’re exiling Izzy in 24 hours unless you bring us the cup. All right! Only two episodes left! Gotta keep things moving. 

Back at Renwicks — you know what’s going to happen, right? Clary takes out the cup. She can’t get it to work. Michael says, “Hey, let me try.” Clary hands him the cup, and Michael turns into Valentine. Twist we all saw coming! BUT THEN. Clary pulls out the real cup! She tricked him! Atta girl. 

Jace wants to kill Valentine, but Valentine says he’s Jace’s father too. I thought they were going to bypass this storyline! Jace and Clary are FREAKED OUT. Valentine says that he lived with a Michael glamour for all those years when Jace was a kid. Valentine escapes while everyone is confused — including this recapper. Luke shows up! 

Clary and Jace are back at the Institute with a coma-ridden Jocelyn. Clary gave Lydia the cup, so that clears up that plotline pretty quickly! Alec is still mad. So is Jace! I am having trouble concentrating because Alec’s hair looks so crazy. 

Jace angsts about how he didn’t kill Valentine when he had the chance. And how he and Clary have the same dad. That is a problem.

Next week: the wedding! Only two episodes left, folks! You can find the rest of our recaps here, as we wait to find out what happens!

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