Shadowhunters Recap: S1, E 12: Malec

Two episodes left, folks! Last week, Jace and Clary got some unfortunate news. This week’s episode is called, “Malec,” so we’re definitely going want to get to it!

Wedding planning is in full swing at the Institute as the episode opens. Isabelle is into it. Jace is not. He’s all angsty about Valentine and accidentally making out with his sister and wants to help Jocelyn wake up.

Clary and Luke are fretting over a floating Jocelyn. Also it’s just cool that a werewolf is hanging at the Institute? Okay, sure! 

Alec goes to see Mangus. (In case you were wondering where this was all going, and the episode title wasn’t enough of a clue, in this scene, Freeform really wants to you to use the hashtag #malec. Just let the story unfold, Freeform.) Alec tries to explain why he’s marrying Lydia. Magnus tries to help Alec realize his true feelings. Alec tries to help Magnus to understand his Shadowhunter life. No one gets what they want.

Clary calls Simon and invites him to the wedding as her date. Just another example of her using him as a boyfriend stand in, which would be fine, but he really wants to be her actual boyfriend. Whatever, Clary. Also, hey, downworlders are welcome everywhere now — and Simon is clearly over his terrible awful very bad vampire transformation. People, we’ve only got two episodes left. Gotta move this all along!

The next morning, Magnus is at the Institute trying to help Clary, Jace and Hodge figure out which warlock put the coma spell on Jocelyn. They zero in on Ragnor, Magnus’s old friend, who’s holed up outside of London. Magnus, Alec and Lydia have an awkward run in. It’s making me feel kind of bad for Lydia, which is a feeling that I dislike.

In other awkward encounters, Clary tries to talk to Jace about them potentially being siblings who made out. Jace runs away. I’m with Jace on this one.

Jace is having some issues.
Sure, Jace, sure.

Izzy tells Alec that their parents will be in for the wedding, along with a bunch of dignitaries. Alec is like, pffft, this wedding is, like, getting to be a pretty big deal. Izzy tells Alec he can cancel the whole event, but he Alecs that he’s fine. She says she’ll support him no matter what, because she is the greatest, and then she announces she’s throwing him a bachelor party. Love it.

Magnus, Clary and Jace arrive in England via portal. They bicker when a wall of green flame appears. It’s a wall of fire that only the pure of heart can pass through. Only Clary makes the cut. LOL. Clary runs up to the house. She yanks Ragnor out a painting. Turns out Ragnor made the potion at Jocelyn’s request, and he can help with the antidote. Only they need the Book of the White, which Jocelyn hid, for the recipe. Ragnor runs off to get something to help, but he’s attacked offstage by a demon and dies. Apparently the demon followed Clary and Jace from the Institute. (In case you didn’t get that, which I didn’t either.) Magnus is upset about the death of his friend.

Izzy tries to guilt Jace into coming to the bachelor party. Jace tells her they have a mole in the Institute, otherwise there would have been no way for the demon to follow them to Radnor. He’s convinced Lydia’s the mole. Jace is basically losing it, but Clary and Izzy calm him down. 

Clary tries to talk to Lydia about being a lying liar, but Lydia doesn’t take kindly to the accusation. She also tells Clary she knows all about Alec’s feelings for Magnus, but she loves his Shadowhunter devotion more, so she’s willing to overlook that whole pesky in-love-with-another-person thing. 

Izzy goes to Simon for advice on throwing a bachelor party. Simon tells her it’s all about the guest list. 

Magnus is mooning over a picture of himself, Camille and Radnor. Imaginary Radnor comes to give him some love advice, as Magnus remembers how Camille broke his heart. Magnus goes to call Alec, but doesn’t.

Izzy’s bachelor party turns out to be her making Jace and Alec make up. Aw. There’s a very distracting soundtrack in the background as Jace apologizes. Jace is wearing fingerless gloves that I really wish he would take off. Jace finally talks about his issue, saying he thinks he is sick because he was falling for his sister. Alec says he’s fulfilling his duty by marrying Lydia, and asks Jace to stand by his side. Aw. 

Magnus continues to hallucinate Radnor, who tells him to fight for love. 

Time for the wedding! Man, I love a good soapy wedding. Freeform put a bunch of GIFs online, so let us relive the moment together, shall we?

Alec’s parents are happy. Jace is wearing … a leather tux. LOL. Clary is in a killer dress. Simon also looks dapper! He’s wearing one of Raphael’s suits. And off we go! Izzy looks stunning, and, fine, even Lydia is wearing a braid I must admit is killer.

Lydia the bride

There’s dramatic music.

Here they go!

Lydia fastens a bracelet on Alec. Alec gives her a necklace. The Silent Brother presiding over the ceremony tells them it’s time for the runes. I have to say, The Silent Brother brings a certain panache to the ceremony. 

And … Magnus busts in!

Magus = best wedding guest ever

Izzy invited him. Maryse tries to order him out, but Magnus whatevers her fabulously. Alec looks like he’s going to throw up. Lydia is amazingly cool about being left at the altar. Alec and Magnus stare at each other, and I am here for this whole situation. Alec grabs Magnus and kisses him in front of everyone. Maryse looks shocked. I cheer and wake up my cat. 

Behold, Malec!

Simon namechecks The Graduate so I don’t have to. Lydia prepares to roll back to Idris. So who’s the mole? (Remember that reality show The Mole? Now I want to YouTube some clips. Someone should stop me, but my cat fell back to sleep.)

Magnus also has some business: he’s found some objects from Radnor’s that might help lead to the Book of the White. These characters go on a lot of quests, huh? TL;DR: Camille has the book, and Raphael’s locked her up in the basement of the vamp hotel. 

Oooh Lydia goes to take the Mortal Cup from a secret cupboard when she’s attacked. 

Clary and Jace are in her bedroom. Jace is all weirded out. LOL. Clary shows Jace the box Jocelyn kept, full of his baby stuff. Clary tries to convince Jace that their mom is awesome, and she didn’t abandon him, she thought he was dead. Jace is all tortured. C’mere. 

Alec and Magnus are being cute and awkward when Maryse comes over to disapprove. Alec asks Magnus out for a drink. It’s adorable. Heart-eyes emojis forever.

Luke is talking to Jocelyn as Hodge comes in, holding his hand — so is he the one who attacked Lydia? Turns out yes because as soon as Luke leaves to get some rest, Hodge summons Valentine. He promises that if Valentine breaks his prisoner rune — which, really, he seems to be the only one paying the price for being a member of the Circle, the rest of them are running around willy nilly — he’ll give him the cup. 

Next week — SPRING FINALE, y’all! You can find the rest of our recaps here, as we wait to find out what happens!

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