Shadowhunters Recap: S1, E 13: Morning Star

Spring finale, y’all!

Jace continues to unravel. He’s mad that he didn’t kill Valentine. Clary just wants to wake up Jocelyn and get some answers — and for that, they need Camille, who has the Book of the White. Simon agrees to help.

Alec has finally noticed that Lydia is missing. Maryse is still mad at her son — for kissing a warlock. “He’s a bit of a lothario,” says Alec’s dad. LOL. Alec tells them he’ll handle his own business. He and Magnus talk about how heroic Lydia is — for … being cool about being left at the altar? They find Lydia passed out. Alec wakens her enough for her to finger Hodge as her attacker. 

Love you forever, Magnus
No he does not, Magnus. Don’t worry!

The Shadowhunters find video footage of Hodge knocking out Lydia, stealing the cup and talking to … someone. The gang quickly assumes it’s Valentine. This is the spring finale, so we don’t have a ton of time for conjecture. They realize Hodge got the ring (with which he summoned Valentine) from when the zombie attacked the Institute. They know that it’s bad news bears if Valentine gets the cup — he’ll make an army! Jace is on it. 

Hodge shows up at the docks (What is this, General Hospital? Soap joke.) and gives Valentine the cup. Hodge is free! Valentine dips the cup in a vat of … blood? He gives it to one of his followers to drink. The guy collapses and starts writhing. He rises again — a Shadowhunter. DUN DUN DUNnnnnn! 

Valentine tasks the new Shadowhunter with finding his children — Jonathan and Clarissa. All of the sudden Hodge wants to join up. Valentine kicks him out. Stone cold, man. 

Clary is still wearing her gown from the wedding, which is my absolute favorite part of soap opera black tie affairs, people wandering around in evening gowns long after is it appropriate. Real talk: if I looked as good as Clary in that dress I would wear it to the supermarket, to the office, to get coffee … You get the idea. Jace is still blaming himself. Clary tries to talk some sense into him. It doesn’t work. 

Clary and Jace, evening wear edition

Jace and Alec set out to find Hodge with the help of the werewolves.  

Vamp hotel! Raphael doesn’t want to let the Shadowhunters near Camille. 

The wolves and Jace find Hodge. That was quick! Hodge points out the hypocrisy of being the only Circle member ever punished basically ever. They fight, even though the dude kinda has a point. Jace cuts off Hodge’s hand, Star Wars style. Alec stops Jace before he can kill Hodge. And off Hodge goes, back to prison. 

Angry Jace

Jace uses the ring to summon shadow-y Valentine. Valentine wants Jace to join him and save the world with the cup. Because Valentine is delusional.

Izzy looks through Camille’s things to see if they can find the spell book. Meanwhile Simon and Clary are sneaking in to see Camille. Raphael catches onto their game right away. Clary hops out of a coffin and she and Simon free Camille. Aiiii! Dangerous! Camille wants to know why Simon took so long to come back for his sire. Camille says her book is in her apartment on the Upper East Side. They need to sneak her out, then she’ll help them. Very convenient, C.

Luke and Alec worry that Jace is turning into Valentine Jr. They realize that Jace and Hodge are gone. Jace tortures Hodge into finding Valentine. What is he doing? my husband asks during a particularly threatening sequence. Spring finale, y’all! I tell him. He goes back to looking at his phone. #marriage

Raphael finds Simon and Clary trying to sneak Camille out. He wants to kill both the vampires, and he also declares the alliance with Clary over. Clary has the grace to look chagrined. Izzy shows up and saves the day, because she is awesome. 

Camille says before she takes them to her apartment she needs Simon to sign a waiver saying he super wanted to be a vampire. LOL. This show. Magnus arrives to draw up the contract. Simon and Clary confab about how they really need to wake Jocelyn up to beat Valentine. Meanwhile Camille kisses Magnus real quick just as Alec walks in.! 

Simon says he won’t sign — which will essentially set Camille free, because it will prove that she didn’t break the accords by killing a mortal — unless they get the book first.

Jace takes one-handed Hodge back to the docks. Sonny Corinthos isn’t there — but shadowy Valentine is. He tells Jace he’s going after his friends. 

The new Shadowhunter Valentine made tracks the gang’s van as they head uptown to Camille’s. Once they get there, Simon signs on the dotted line. Camille tells them she has no idea where the book is — it’s somewhere in her giant, amazing apartment. She bounces. Jace calls Clary and warns her about Valentine’s impending arrival, but she doesn’t listen. Clary finds the book just as Valentine shows up via portal. They fight! Jace holds Valentine at swordpoint. Clary offers the book as leverage, but Valentine says he wants Clary to wake up Jocelyn, because he knows they’ll join him eventually. “It is fated.” Jace agrees to go with Valentine to save Izzy and Alec and the rest, all of whom are being held by Valentine’s minions. Off they go through the portal. Clary tries to follow but Alec stops her. Everyone looks upset. 

Back at the Institute, Simon promises Clary that they’ll save Jace. They hug and say they love each other, but it clearly means something more to Simon than Clary. 

Magnus and Alec talk about the difficulties in their relationship — like how Magnus is immortal and Alec isn’t. 

It’s time to wake up Jocelyn! The crew gathers and Luke catches her before she can fall, all romantic like.

Luke catches Jocelyn

Jocelyn and Clary hug and it’s so nice. I want Clary to immediately ask: Is Jace my brother? But she does not. 

Valentine is making his Shadowhunter army on a boat as Jace stands at his side. WHAT. JACE. CUT IT OUT. 

Jace stands at Valentine's Side

THE END YOU GUYS. And now we wait. To catch up on the entire season, you can find the rest of our recaps here.

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