Shadowhunters Recap: S1, E 4: Raising Hell

This week we get a good helping of my favorite, Magnus Bane! To the tape!

We open on Clary’s nightmare. She is crying out amidst gold sheets that I definitely want for myself. Jace comes to her rescue, so it’s not all bad.

Oh wait, it’s Simon instead. SORRY, SIMON!

Oh there’s Jace, eavesdropping disapprovingly. He wanders off before he can hear Simon try to blame everything on Jace. But Clary trusts Jace — and his hotness. (Okay, that’s implied but that’s why I’m here, recapping for you. For the nuance.) So! Clary begins her helpful top-of-the-episode plot summary, once again trying to take my job. Cut it out, girl. She just wants to get her memory back and to find her mom.

Got it? Got it.

Michelle Tanner has us covered.
Thanks, girl.

Simon tries to help Clary remember, although now I’m doubting his motives as he was totally scoping out Clary’s veins at the end of last episode. They figure out that Magnus Bane may be involved.

Magnus Bane is always involved.

Simon hallucinates Camille. Not good, dude.

Clary comes upon a shirtless Jace. She’s … flustered. Once he puts on his shirt (boo), she tells him about how she’s been dreaming about Magnus. They stare at each other longingly, but they’re interrupted by the news that Simon is leaving the Institute.

Jace yells, “Come at me, bro,” which my husband finds delightful. I find my husband delightful, so everyone’s happy. Simon accuses Jace of wearing too much body spray, which is also really excellent.

Clary begs Simon to stay. She says he’ll keep his family safe by staying away. Simon says that’s why he’s going home, to protect them. Simon wants Clary to come with him, but she stays.

Ooh, fun slideshow of Magnus’s past! Have I mentioned that I love him? The Shadowhunters give us lots of exposition we already know, but, okay, for you newbies: Magnus is the high warlock of Brooklyn, Jocelyn probably paid him a lot of money to mess with Clary’s memories, Valentine’s hunting warlocks looking for the one who helped Jocelyn. Hodge is there, and his skin is burning. You know, the usual.

Izzy has a plan. She wants to lure Magnus to a downworlder rave. I want to go a downworlder rave! Hodge has a plan. He unearths a four-carat ruby that Magnus once gave to Camille, his former lover. It’s enchanted by a spell that alerts the wearer to the presence of demons. They plan to use the jewel as bait.

Valentine is still mad about this whole warlock situation. He finds some spies from the Clave and kills them.

Hey, it’s Luke! We haven’t seen him in a minute. He’s still looking for Clary. He isn’t the best cop, huh?
Isabelle helps Clary get dressed for the party. I would like to play dress up in Isabelle’s closet. Jace likey the dress Isabelle picks out.

LC likey

Jace and Clary flirt. These two have great chemistry. Jace gives Clary a sword, and I wonder aloud where exactly she’s supposed to keep it while wearing such a tiny dress? My cat has no answers.

MAGNUS! He’s going after the necklace, obviously.

Alec and Izzy talk, and she tells him to relax or he’s going to explode, and she actually says to her brother, “Not the fun kind of explode.” Oh, Izzy.

Simon goes home. His bandmate Maureen is mad he missed rehearsal. His mom is not too pleased either and spills the beans in front of Maureen that Simon was with Clary. Simon says that he’s not dating Clary, and Maureen’s like, good because I want to and then she accidentally cuts her finger and Simon likey the blood. Maureen stalks off, giving Simon ample time to lick the blood she spilled.

Time for the rave! Izzy is the only one having fun, per usual. She’s enjoying wearing the ruby, but Alec makes her take it off. Clary and Jace see Magnus inside. They tell him the deal: Clary’s memories for the necklace. Magnus tells them he fed Clary’s memories to a memory demon, so that Valentine wouldn’t be able to torture him for info, like he did Dot. It’s news to Clary that Dot is dead. Magnus tells Clary to come with him, that his lair will protect her. But obvs Clary stays with the hotness that is Jace.

Alec kills an assassin as Magnus bolts. The Shadowhunters want to roll too, but Clary is too freaked out to run. Also, I mean, those heels are probably killing her feet.

It’s time for Alec to yell about Clary! Clary snagged one of Magnus’s buttons and Jace tries to use it to track him. Alec and Jace have to hold hands and gaze at each other to track Magnus. Even Clary says it’s pretty intimate. Stop trying to do my job, girl! You have enough on your plate!

The Shadowhunters find the warlock lair — too easily, they realize. The lair is under attack. Clary helps a little girl, Zoe, whose dad was killed. Jace and Alec are hot. Magnus fights one of Valentine’s minions, the introduces himself to Alec.

Scrooge McDuck Heart Eyes
You know it, I know it, even Scrooge McDuck knows it. Alec’s still clueless, tho.

Magnus is impressed that Clary helped Zoe. Clary uses her opening to ask for assistance. Magnus moves the lair as smoke shoots of his hand. Have I mentioned that I love Magnus? Because I do.

Simon, who has a giant image of the Brooklyn Bridge superimposed over his bedroom wall, which is a thing that I never knew I wanted until right now, calls Clary to apologize and tell her about the heebie jeebies he’s been experiencing.

Magnus gives Izzy the necklace to thank her for her help with the warlocks, while he digs for info on Alec. Clary will do anything to get her mom back (we know, we know, you keep telling us), so she tells Magnus she wants to summon the demon. Magnus gives her some chalk to draw a pentagram on the floor. Jace warns her of how powerful the rune is that he’s going to give her. She’s got it. Except she screams.

Clary draws the intricate pentagram. Magnus is impressed. They hold hands to summon the demon. It’s very dramatic. Magnus calls forth for Valak. He’ll ask for payment for Clary’s memories. Coulda mentioned that sooner, huh, Magnus? The demon emerges! Each member of the pentagram must relinquish a memory of the one they love the most. Izzy gives over a memory of Alec. Aw. Clary, her mom. Alec? Jace! Jace shoots Alec a WTF look. LOL. Deal with it, dude. Alec gets mad and breaks the bond. The demon tries to take Jace. Clary kills the demon, even though she knows it means her memories will be lost forever.

Jace finally comes to. Magnus tells Alec he shouldn’t be ashamed, and Alec’s like, IDK what you’re talking about, dude. But Magnus knows. He always knows.

Back at the Institute, Jace and Clary stare at each other some more. Clary calls Simon, but he doesn’t answer. He’s back at the vampire hotel! Siiiiimon nooooooo!

Clary’s necklace glows and she has a vision of Valentine taunting her: her mother for the cup. 

Ruh roh! We’ll be back next week, and in the meantime you can find our recaps here

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