Shadowhunters Recap: S1, E 6: Of Men and Angels

Last week Luke fought some werewolves! This week there are flashbacks galore! 

The crew busts into Magnus’s lair with a wounded Luke. Luke dreams he’s searching for Jocelyn. He finds her, and Dream Jocelyn tells him to tell Clary everything so that they can find the cup and stop Valentine. She’s very informative and helpful, this Dream Jocelyn.  

Zac says thanks
Dream Jocelyn is happy to help, Zac!


Luke wakes up and tries to tell Clary something very important, but Clary knows she’s on a nighttime soap, so she interrupts him. To be fair, Luke seizes up quickly as the alpha poison takes hold. Simon sneakily licks his bloody knuckles. Clary feels bad because she doubted Luke. Jace and Simon head out to get the antidote ingredients. Magnus also needs Alec for his virgin shadowhunter energy. Love you, Magnus!  Luke makes Magnus promise to tell Clary everything. 

Back at the Institute, Izzy’s telling her mom why the Seelies want to change sides: they think Valentine can win. Mama is snippy. Izzy and Alec note that their mom is crankier that usual. Their father and baby brother Max arrive. Yay! 

Jace calls Alec and tells him to go to Magnus. Gooooo to Magnus, Alec! Blah, blah Institute rules. Jace and Simon argue about Clary and Alec. Simon pulls a knife on Jace! Jace is not pleased. Jace begins to suspect something happened to Simon at the vampire hotel. 

Leslie Nielsen knows.

Alec comes upon his mother crying. They bond, and Alec offers to help.

Magnus gives Clary a sketch book to help her stay zen as he unloads a bunch of dark secrets on her. She draws while Magnus tells Clary how it all began. FLASHBACK! Valentine began all virtuous, with Jocelyn at his side. They were all about keeping their oath and sacred duty. But a mere two years later, Valentine was evil. We see Jocelyn realize that Valentine broke the accords and has begun killing downworlders. Evil Valentine was all about preserving the bloodline. And now it’s happening again. 

We flashback to the uprising. Valentine needed the Mortal Cup to create a new Shadowhunter army. There was a massacre at the the signing of the accords, where the cup was on display as a show of power. Valentine seizes the cup and as he’s sneaking away, Luke charges him. They fight. Then Jocelyn arrives and they fight. She nabs the cup and runs, Valentine close behind.

Izzy overhears her mother and father arguing. Her dad gives her a present, a cookbook. Then he lays it out for her: No one values the Lightwood name anymore, since Alec has been going out on rogue missions. I mean, that’s been happening for like one week max. Seems kind of hardcore to me. To make things right, and to keep the Seelies on the side of the Shadowhunters, a grave sacrifice must be made. 

Luke is getting worse while Alec trains, apparently ignoring Jace’s request to go to Magnus’s lair. Izzy wants Alec to promise he won’t marry, their parents want a political alliance. Meanwhile Izzy’s going to play diplomat with the Seelies — is that what they’re calling it now? Wocka wocka. Alec gets mad and leaves. 

Skeletor Out
Now that’s an exit.

Jace heads off to get some ingredients, leaving Simon in a dark alley. Simon sees Camille, then envisions himself lying prone on the ground, fang holes in his neck. Jace grabs Simon and they run from a creepy monster, snapping Simon from his trance. 

Luke is getting worse and Magnus is trying to keep him alive. Clary runs off to finish the potion as Alec arrives and gives Magnus the strength he needs. Jace and Simon arrive with the ingredients, and Clary feeds Luke the potion. He wakes up! Jace and Alec hug. And then OMG Jace and Clary almost kiss but Simon interrupts. Ugh, Simon!

Luke wakes up! He wants to tell Clary everything. She trusts him again. Luke says it’s his and Jocelyn’s fault that Valentine went bad: Luke and Jocelyn fell in love. Valentine was Luke’s parabatai! Valentine was convinced they were having an affair, even though it was just feelings. Valentine went nuts and experimented with Downworlder blood, which eventually drove him mad. He even tried to set Luke up to be killed by werewolves. 

Luke tells Clary they have to find the cup. As if no one’s said that before. She pulls out the box that belonged to “JC,” who is clearly not her father. Luke says JC = Jonathan Christopher, her brother, who died in a fire Valentine set. Clary pushes the box into the paper, turning it into a drawing. And making Clary realize where the cup is.

Isabelle dresses like a grown up while Magnus and Luke have a cocktail. Magnus hits on Alec. Then they almost kiss, but Alec’s phone rings. UGH.

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