Shadowhunters Recap: S1, E 9: Rise Up

Previously, Simon became a vampire and Alec got engaged! 

New vampire Simon resists Raphael’s attempts to help him by hurling him into a truck. Real nice. Clary feels bad. Raphael wants to use Simon to prove that Camille broke the accords.

Jace calls Alec for help, but he’s busy healing from the attack on the Institute. Our girl Izzy takes the phone and tells Jace about how the zombies Valentine made have Seelie/Angel blood, which means they can break into the Institute unnoticed. Jace wants to go back to the Institute, but Clary wants to look for Simon. Jace knows that Clary can take care of herself, and tells her to go ask Luke for tracking help. Then they kiss. Woooooo!

Clary and Jace, sittin' in a tree.
Gotta take time away from all this mortal peril for loooooove.

Magnus is at the Institute adjusting their security. He also offers to help heal Alec, who demurs. Izzy’s Seelie, Meliorn, shows up. Izzy’s happy to see him, but he’s cool toward her. That’s because Lydia Blackwell arrests him for consorting with Valentine to steal secrets from a Shadowhunter (aka Izzy). Izzy’s mad about the accusation, and points out that Valentine’s been killing Seelies too. Lydia says she’s just following orders. Izzy’s mad. Also her lipstick is killer, per usual. 

Alec defends Lydia (FYI: this is the new Alec wants to listen to the Clave) as Jace arrives with the news that Alec and Izzy’s parents are being sent back to Idris. Jace and Izzy blame Lydia, but Alec defends his new fiancée. (Told ya.) Alec drops the truth bomb that their parents were members of the Circle back in the day. Lydia shows up and makes Alec tells them the happy news. 

Simon’s at home, freaking out. His mom hugs him. He stares at her neck. Simon noooooo! Clary shows up just in time. Simon’s mom is suspicious. Clary makes up a story about her identity being stolen? IDK. Simon and Clary leave so he won’t eat his family. Good plan! 

Lydia’s interviewing Meliorn while Alec, Izzy and Jace watch via video feed. Meliorn tells Lydia that Clary has the cup. They search the Institute, even though our crew totally knows where the cup is. Apparently, they want Clary to turn it over herself. Jace texts Clary, telling her to go somewhere no one will ever look. 

So Clary calls … Raphael. Sure! There’s some back and forth but Raphael lets them into the hotel. I wave to the gold lamé couches as Raphael locks Clary and Simon in a cage together. Also Simon is very hungry, like Cookie Monster needs a cookie hungry. But Clary doesn’t care (you sure, girl?). She tells Simon she’d rather him eat her than have him die again, because she feels terrible and they’re BFFs. Simon breaks. Raphael brings him blood with a lime garnish. How civilized! Clary and Simon chat. She plays his feelings like a fiddle. Their lopsided relationship is very realistically depicted. Poor Simon. I keep waiting for him to freak out when he finds out Jace and Clary are together, because it kind of feels like she’s leading him on here?

Lydia is sending Meliorn to the Silent Brothers. Ruh roh. She tells Alec she was too soft before, and that’s what got her fiancé killed. Alec supports her. (This is a variation on the Alec defends Lydia refrain.)

Izzy and Jace ask Magnus to help them nab the cup. They need him to steal Alec’s stele. He agrees to help them for jewels and secrecy, but he feels bad about betraying his bae. A quick bit of sorcery and Jace has the card with the cup. Alec tells Magnus he’s getting married. To Lydia. He tries to explain his reasons. Magnus is a gentleman about it.

Clary and Simon meet Jace, Izzy and Luke outside the hotel. They want to rescue Meliorn from the Silent Brothers. Clary offers Raphael an alliance between the Seelies (no idea how she can speak for them, but all right), the werewolves and the Shadowhunters (similarly, Clary’s been a Shadowhunter for, like, one week, how is she offering up their allegiance?). Nevertheless: Simon joins the vampire clan to seal the deal. 

Slow-mo, bad ass entrance with the werewolves, vamps and our gang. It kind of reminds me of the Michael Jackson Bad video.

We're bad, we're bad, we know it!


Clary proclaims, “Tonight, we’re all downworlders.”

Alec and the Shadowhunters show up with Meliorn. Alec tries to hand Meliorn off to the Silent Brothers, but Jace and Clary stop him. Jace grabs Meliorn, and the Seelie and Clary make a break for it. Alec and Jace fight, and Jace confronts his parabatai about his feelings for him. They fight some more. Alec gets the upper hand, and Jace tells Alec to kill him if they’re going to be on different sides. Alec lets Jace go. Jace begs Alec to come with them. But Alec can’t — or won’t — go rogue.

Clary leaves Simon at the hotel. They hug. Jace looks hilariously disgusted.

Meliorn and Izzy kiss. Jace and Clary take Meliorn to the Seelie court, while Izzy heads back to the Institute. Meliorn has an offer for Clary as thanks:

Meliorn can help Clary find her father.

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