Summer Lovin’: New Adult Romances

We love a good summer romance — who doesn’t, right? And the genre basically made for summer loving is surely New Adult. The characters are often still on academic schedules, young enough for random road trips, late-night parties and more. There’s also the abbreviated timeline the summer provides, especially if the characters are headed back to school in the fall, and we really savor that urgency in our love stories. So today, for you, we present a compilation of our favorite New Adult summer romances. Enjoy! 

Wasted Summer by Cathryn Fox: Real talk, we have always wanted to live in a resort town. The off season sounds so romantic to us! Not so for gossip-plagued Melody, who just wants to save enough to get outta town for good. Ryeland Montgomery, the town’s rich boy, has always had eyes for Mel. And now, during this summer before he starts law school, he’s going for it, despite his parents’ nasty warnings to stay away from townies (the nerve!). Sparks fly during this Wasted Summer

Fallen Too Far by Abbi GlinesYou already know and love Abbi Glines — we know, us too. But the prolific author’s written so much, maybe you missed this Rosemary Beach series starter, where farm girl Blair tries to resist rich bad boy Rush. (Additional snaps to Ms. Glines for writing a stepbrother romance way back in January of 2014. We bow down to her trendsetting abilities.) 

Love in Maine by Connie Falconeri: We’ve told you before, despite the fact that this New Adult is written by a fictional soap opera character, this is an excellent New Adult romance and we’re still pretty mad that we don’t know who the ghost writer is (call us, seriously, we want to read the rest of your books). Rich girl Madison heads to small-town Maine to prove she can make it on her own. Her landlord’s son, Hank, is trying to readjust after leaving the military. Prepare to swoon. 

Scorched by Jennifer L. ArmentroutIf you’re in the mood for a heavier summer-set read, consider Armentrout’s latest NA, which tackles substance abuse and mental illness. Sure, there’s a getaway and poolside antics, but Armentrout also takes a very real and very hard look at the havoc that mental illness can wreak on someone’s life, and the importance of getting help.

Discovering Delilah by Melissa FosterFoster’s romance, which arrives next week, stars Delilah, who’s reeling from her parents’ death — and the freedom that it now provides her, allowing to come out to everyone, including her best friend Ashley, who she has feelings for. There’s guilt and grief and coming to terms with who you are in this summertime romance. 

We hope we’ve inspired your TBR pile! For more NA romance, be sure to visit our Everything Young Adult page. 

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