Swoon Reads Author Road Trip! Let’s Get Packing

Who doesn’t love a road trip? And one with some of your favorite YA authors? Well, sign us up! This month Swoon Reads — the crowd-sourced YA imprint from Feiwel Friends — is sending some of its authors on the road for its Summer of Swoon Tour (for dates, check here).  Before the ladies hit the road they stopped by to tell us their one road-trip essential. Happy trails!

VelvetA Little Something DifferentThe Boy Next Door

Temple West

My family and I used to cram the five of us plus whatever international student we had living with us at the time into our barely-6-person-sitting Buick LeSabre and drive straight through the night (or two) to get from Seattle, Washington to Tucson, Arizona for Christmas every year. As cramped as it was, these trips make my Best Memories list, in large part because we would spend the entire trip singing along to our favorite musicals at the tops of our lungs, most notably Little Shop of Horrors.  To this day, I can’t go on road trips without my musical playlist, though I’ve added Moulin Rouge and Wicked to the list.

Kimberly Karalius

My road trip essential is my flat iron. Even on good days, my hair defies the laws of gravity. It’s an odd genetic combination of thick, not-quite-wavy-not-quite-curly hair that expands like a balloon in humidity.

When I was in college, I studied abroad in England during the month of May. We stayed in a manor in Grantham, a beautiful, old building that wasted no time in destroying my flat iron on the second day I was there. Despite having carefully selected an outlet converter, my flat iron sparked when I turned it on and hummed its last dying breath. A week passed before I was able to buy a replacement at the grocery store (manors are, as you would expect, not anywhere near civilization). In the meantime, my days without a flat iron was immortalized in photos: the strange, lopsided waves, a different shape every morning, and my bangs forced into place with bobby pins. Never again!

Sandy Hall

A good pair of headphones or earbuds, either one works for me. They just have to be comfortable and have decent noise cancellation. Once I have those I have plenty of options for not only entertainment, but also relaxation. I can listen to a book or a podcast or watch a movie. Or I can find a good white noise playlist on Spotify and zone out. It also comes in handy if your hotel room neighbors are noisy or if your road trip companions are listening to music you can’t stand. They can provide you with a little break from the hustle and bustle of travel, which is sometimes just what I need.

Katie Van Ark

To me, road trips are about making memories and it wouldn’t be a road trip without friends to share the journey. So I am so excited to be traveling together with Sandy, Temple, and Kimberly and also to meet readers in person because I know we’ll get to talk about three of my favorite things: writing, books and romance!

The Summer of Swoon tour starts Tuesday, May 12! We hope you can hit a stop along the way! For more YA reads, be sure to visit our Everything YA page. 

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