The Many Novembers of Colleen Hoover

Alert! Alert! There’s a new Colleen Hoover title out tomorrow, November 9. Our reviewer called the New Adult romance, an RT Top Pick!, “your next favorite book.” Strong words! We love the construct of the novel, where the hero and heroine meet yearly for just one day — on November 9. But why that day? Why that month? Colleen was kind enough to fill us in. 

I wish I had a great explanation as to why I chose the 9th of November as the central date of action for my new book, but I don’t.  I have, however, always loved the month of November for many reasons. Fall is my favorite season, and Thanksgiving is quite possibly my favorite holiday. Turkey and dressing, FTW! (It’s my favorite meal. I even give it a shout out in Ugly Love.)

My first child was due Thanksgiving Day, and I was really nervous about having to miss Thanksgiving. But luckily, he ended up coming on Halloween.

I also began writing my first novel in November, exactly four years ago. Of course, at the time, I had no idea it was going to be a novel or that it would completely change my life, but it did.

Once I began writing November 9, a few eerie things happened that made me almost believe this book and the date were fate.

Ben, one of the main characters, quotes the poet Dylan Thomas a lot. I’ve always been a huge fan of Dylan Thomas’s work, but other than reading a few of his pieces, I didn’t know much about him. I was almost finished writing November 9 when I was in search of one last piece of his poetry to include in the book. That’s when I came across his Wikipedia page and saw that he died in New York City…on November 9th. What are the chances?

Another crazy coincidence: my oldest son loves discovering new bands. About the time I started writing this novel, he had me listen to a band called X Ambassadors. I became addicted to all their songs and used a lot of them as inspiration for the book. I even included them in a small scene in the book where Fallon recommends their music to Ben. Once I finished writing the novel, I dedicated the book to my son and his great taste in music. I then decided I wanted to buy him tickets for his birthday. The only time they were listed to play near us in Texas is…you guessed it…November 9th.

Needless to say, I’m super excited about this release. It’s my favorite month, I’m seeing one of my favorite bands and one of my favorite books to write is releasing! I hope November drags by.

November 9 will be available tomorrow, November 10! Get your copy here: And why not check out more New Adult reads, on our Everything YA page? 

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