These are the Days of Our Lives — When Soaps and Series Collide

Days of Our Lives 50 YearsSoap operas are full of drama, misunderstandings and passion — just like romance novels! For 50 years, Days of Our Lives has captivated audiences with its plot twists (remember the Salem strangler?!), super couples (Bo and Hope, Patch and Kayla …) and über villains (we love you, Stefano DiMera, you crazy phoenix!). To celebrate the show, we’re giving away three copies of Greg Meng’s Days of Our Lives 50 Years, below! And if you like your soaps with a side of romance novel, here are some pairings we think will work for you

Sami is Stan — Oh, this was one of our favorites. Sami Brady, one of the great soap characters or all time, whether you loved her or hated her (we are all love), became Stan for a few months (to help out real-life Alison Sweeney, who needed to go out on maternity leave). Stan (actor Dan Wells) exacted revenge for Sami, and honestly it was super amazing.

If you like disguises and revenge as much as Sami, try The Perfect Revenge by Lutishia Lovely. Jacqueline’s out of jail on a technicality and ready to get her just desserts, via various disguises. Or try Played by Barbara Freethy: which features a dangerous and charming con man (sounds right up Sami’s alley), a master of disguise, who’s orchestrating a big jewelry heist to finally get back at his old college roommate.

Hope is Princess Gina — In another amazing plotline, Stefano brainwashed his obsession Hope into thinking she was Princess Gina, art thief. Everyone at home thought Hope was dead, and her main man Bo was busy moving on with former drug addict Billie. (Honestly this show is so good.) And when the real Princess Gina broke out of her prison, well, that’s when things really got intense.

If you like amnesiac plotlines, try Blaze of Memory by Nalini Singh. Anything Singh writes is pure magic, and Dev and Katya’s story is no exception. Is she a weapon trained to kill him? Can Dev subvert her programming? You’ll be breathless as you discover the truth. We would also be remiss not to mention Pregnesia, Carla CassidyPregnesia when discussing amnesiac-laden romance novels. Carly Cassidy’s amazingly titled Harlequin Intrigue received a lot of attention at its release, and we can honestly think of few worse things than being very pregnant and totally unaware of who you are.  

Marlena’s exorcism — Not all daytime soaps delve into the paranormal, but Days truly went there when it had heroine Marlena possessed by Satan. Father John Black saved her, and we were all sad when we had to bid Marlena’s glowing eyes adieu.

If you like possession plotlines, try Jenna Black’s The Devil Inside. When exorcist Morgan gets possessed by demon Lugh, the duo must begrudgingly work together to discover who’s trying to kill them. A haunting possession tale that we still can’t shake, Audrey Niffenegger’s follow-up to The Time Traveler’s Wife is creepy x 100000. Her Fearful Symmetry tells the story of two twins, close as can be …

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