Wattpad Top 5: June 2015

One of my current favorite reading tools is Wattpad, a reading and writing platform that is, from a reader perspective, basically like an ebook subscription service without the subscription. Readers can access thousands of stories, for free, any time via Wattpad’s website or app. It’s basically book nirvana. Wattpad offers tons of original romances, as well as fan fiction, and a lot of it is just as good (sometimes better!) than anything you’d buy from your favorite ebook retailer.

Wattpad had a presence at RT in Dallas this year for the very first time, and I was surprised to see a good chunk of the romance community was unfamiliar with the service. Free books, people! It’s almost too good to be true, except it is. To help everyone get acquainted, each month I’ll be sharing five of my favorite Wattpad romances, in no particular order.

1. Saving Me by Alannah Lynne

Hero Erik cannot get over a one night stand he had with ad exec Kat more than ten years ago (what a night that must’ve been), and when she takes over his accounts he’s ready to reignite the spark, but she’s too career-focused to be bothered with distractions. This book is a smokin’ hot second-chance romance with complex characters and an engaging plot.

2. Rookie in Love by Sarah L. White

This NA college-set romance features a southern jock hero. This story is incredibly well-written and while it’s long, it’s a very quick read. The banter between the hero and heroine is great, and Jackson’s sexy one-liners will win you over.

3. Someone Else’s Fairytale by E.M. Tippetts

I’ve yet to come across a contemporary romance like this one, and I’m so glad it was written. Gorgeous A-list celebrity Jason Vanderholt is barely a blip on heroine Chloe’s radar, and while he completely falls for her, she’s not swayed by his celebrity status. I love it when a hero has to work to earn a heroine’s love, especially when he’s beloved by everyone else and/or always gets what he wants (I’m looking at you, billionaires).

4. Nora Roberts Land by Ava Miles

Journalist Meredith Hale is obsessed with Nora Roberts, and while her ex-husband thought her addiction gave her unrealistic expectations about men (there’s a spot reserved in hell for you, dude), she’s not lowering her expectations for anyone. In fact, she’s making it her mission to find a man who lives up to Nora’s heroes. It’s impossible not to cheer for Meredith in this fun small-town romance. Note: this story is not yet complete, but it’s updated regularly. But if you want to read it in one go, I suggest adding it to your list and waiting.

5. All’s Fair in Love Seduction by Beverley Kendall

This one was published before it was put on Wattpad, but it only came across my radar recently. Miss Elizabeth Smith is caught smoochin’ on Lord Derek Creswell by the town gossip, and if she isn’t engaged by the end of the Season her reputation will be ruined. Derek thinks it’s a scheme to force him into wedlock, and she’ll need to thaw his cold heart to convince him otherwise. Another very well-written story, this novella-length romance had me hooked from the beginning.

Do you have any Wattpad favorites? Sound off in the comments and let me know! For more romantic reads, be sure to visit our Everything Romance page. 

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