Western Romance Authors Tell Us Their Convention Essentials

The RT Convention is coming up fast! Before authors and readers start packing their bags, Western romance authors Linda Broday, Rosanne Bittner, Kaki Warner, E.E. Burke and Jacqui Nelson share the items they never leave behind when going to conventions.

Linda Broday (Twice a Texas Bride)

I never go to a convention without my jeans, a jacket and my ropers, which are cowboy boots with a low heel. They’re not much to look at, but they’re so comfortable and what working cowboys usually wear. My main complaint at conventions is shoes hurting my feet, but my ropers never do. I even wear them here at home in the panhandle of Texas. Also, no convention is complete without my Western jewelry. I have several stunning pieces that draw lots of compliments. I’m going to the RWA convention in NYC in July and you can bet I’ll be decked out!

Rosanne Bittner (Outlaw Hearts)

I never go to a convention without my “Rock Revival” Jeans, my cowboy boots and glitzy Western belts because all I write is Westerns and I want to look the part. Wearing Western clothing makes me feel a bit like I am also “living” the part.

E.E. Burke (A Dangerous Passion)

I never go to conventions without my trusty lariat. You never know when I might need to lasso a cover model for my next book. My “lariat” happens to be a camera, so I can capture those hunky guys in pictures. If I’m lucky, one might even pose with me.

Jacqui Nelson (Between Love and Lies)

I never go to a convention without … my stories about growing up on a cattle farm in northern Canada. I’ve always thought the reason we call the past the good ol’ days is because they contain some quirky stories.

If I met you at a convention and you said, “Can I take a selfie of us on my camera phone and post it on social media? Isn’t technology wonderful?”

I’d agree and then probably add, “When I was a kid, my family shared a ‘party line’ with the neighbors living half a mile down the road. When I picked up the receiver, I might hear a conversation and have to make a quick decision: ask when they’d be ending their call (so I could make mine if it couldn’t wait) or hang up quietly (so as not to be caught eavesdropping, even though the writer inside me was itching to listen in and gather story ideas).”

Kaki Warner (Home by Morning)

I never go to conventions without my handmade leather bracelet decorated with Texas stars and my longhorn pendant, dotted with Swarovski crystals. Since I’m an actual Texan, trashy bling is allowed – even expected. I also bring my Texas accent and rowdy personality, although I do leave my guns at home.  

There you have it! What’s the one thing you never hit conventions without? We can’t wait to see you in Dallas and find out! For more on the 2015 RT Convention, click here

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