Younger Recap: S1.E.11 "Hot Mitzvah"

It’s the penultimate episode of Younger season one, and clichés abound as our favorite characters engage in some recreational drug use. (Don’t try this at home, folks.) To the recap!

Liza and Hilary stop to window shop, as Hilary ogles an expensive watch for Thad. Liza points out that it’s a guilt gift, for Hilary sleeping with Anton on the side. Liza hoists herself up on the S.S. Bullshit as she touts the importance of honesty in a relationship. Liza is wearing a version of that cape that I coveted this winter.

Lauren is throwing herself a — prepare yourself, friends — hot mitzvah, because she was awkward at her original bat mitzvah at 13, so now that she’s 26 (13 + 13, obvs), she’s redoing the event. Liza is invited, and Lauren instructs her to bring Debi and Josh as well.

Maybe wants us to come.

At work, the team is prepping for the launch of New Tricks, about a 40 year old rediscovering her sexuality. The manuscript is a mess, and Hilary’s shopping for a book doctor. Hilary exposits that book doctors are mostly SAHMs with Ivy League degrees who are out of circulation. Liza’s ears perk up at this description of herself, and volunteers. Hilary tells her to try chapter one.

Work montage! I love a good montage, no lie, you guys.

Felicia Day wants a montage.

The next morning, Hilary tells Liza she nailed the chapter, and that Hilary handed it off to hot work boss Charles. Charles asks Liza how she’s so good at writing from a forty-year-old’s perspective if she’s only 26, as her HR file says. Liza smiles awkwardly. They do that ha-ha-hilarious TV cliché with misleading dialogue. In a meeting, Charles says he’s uncovered Liza’s secret … that Liza is a writer. He gives Liza the book doctoring job, assuming she clicks with the author. Joanna warns Liza of being too ambitious, too quickly.

Another TV cliché: Liza and Josh take a candlelit bath. It’s sweet. Sexytimes ensue, until Josh’s roommate interrupts. Fine: ha!

Liza meets the author, Megan, for lunch. Megan shoots down her suggestions because Liza doesn’t know what it’s like to be 40. Liza wins her over by “imagining.” But back at the office, Charles gives her the bad news: the author thought Liza was too young. Meanwhile Joanna is interviewing a potential new assistant, just to remind Liza that she’s totally replaceable. (This is what it feels like working in New York, incidentally. That there are hundreds of potential yous walking around, people who really want your job and who are qualified to do it. It’s disconcerting.)

Give them tortoiseshell glasses and cardigans and you have publishing’s new blood. 

At Lauren’s hot mitzvah, Lauren gives a speech about honesty and serving your true self — Lauren even plans to kiss the person she wants to, this time around. Lauren toasts with all her “best friends” aka the cast of the show (another TV cliché!), to execute the plot device that they all take a shot of ecstasy.

Your brain on MDMA
Here’s what MDMA can do to your brain. Don’t do drugs, kids!

Rolling ensues. Lauren kisses Debi, the one person she really wanted to smooch! Thad gives Hilary a beautiful bracelet and Hilary recognizes it as guilt jewelry, just like the watch she got him. They kinda confess to each other, and then Thad ogles another woman, so that’s not great. But Hilary had a full-on affair, so.

Josh brings Liza some water, and she’s so happy she says she loves him, and then he says he loves her too. AW. Then she confesses her age. He doesn’t believe her at first, then he leaves. And we don’t know what happens.

Next week: season finale! What will happen? I don’t know! As we prepare ourselves, our Younger are recaps here.

Header photo courtesy of TV Land. 

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