Younger Recap: S1.E7 "Broke and Panty-less"

More charming hilarity awaits in this week’s episode of Younger! Ready? 

We open on a bluegrass band, where Josh plays the washboard, which is so Brooklyn I could just die. Liza and Debi cheer them on while Hilary peaces out to go meet with Anton, who sexted her. While she lies and says they’re going to work, Hilary also asks the ladies to alibi her for Thad.

Buddy the Elf Knows You're Lying

The next morning, Kaitlyn calls at 6 a.m., I’d say it’s because she’s a self-absorbed teenager, but I mean, she’s in India, so. Anyway, while Liza sent in her half of the tuition, her broke ex did not. Kaitlyn wants cash, and she is not so understanding about it. Liza promises to figure it out. Josh eavesdrops and hears Liza say, “I love you, pumpkin.” Liza apparently doesn’t hear me yelling at her to blame her family, and instead lies and says the call was for work.

Jess knows you're lying, too.

At the office, Hilary apologizes for bolting the night before, and Liza uses YOLO correctly. Liza tells Hilary she’s having money problems, she needs $1800 by Friday, which, like, is not that bad because do you know how much college costs these days? A lot. It costs a lot. Hilary sympathizes, and suggests they lunch with Lauren, who is “queen of the second shift,” aka the work everyone has to do after work to pay the bills. I have done this! It is tiring. Lauren suggests selling her used panties on Craigslist. You guys, Lauren is kind of a genius. I would totally want her to be my publicist.

Josh and Liza are playing pool as she shadily answers Craigslist requests. Josh calls her pumpkin and offers to let her see his phone. She demurs and then bolts to go over requests with Debi. These dudes want to meet her in person for her panties. Honey, no.

At work, Anton hates on Diana’s idea to send out Swedish Fish as a promo item, but like dude, Swedish Fish are the greatest! He only likes the bitter, licorice kind, because he’s literary. There’s also a hot older guy there — the publisher, maybe? — talking about how he loves the book. Hilary and Anton make out at work.

Liza goes to the coffee shop with Debi to deliver the goods. The creeper bolts without paying her.

Taylor knows, too.

Deciding the panty-selling business isn’t for her, Liza accepts a cocktail-waitressing job Lauren heard about. At the party she runs into the hot publisher dude from earlier. He’s cute and trying get out after his divorce. Then Liza crashes into her boss and spills all her drinks on him and gets fired.

The next morning she chats with the hot dude, whose name is apparently Charles, and Diana oversees. Liza tells Diana how she was working a night job and gives her the 411 on Charles. Diana tells her to cool it on her second shift, while Josh texts her that they need to talk. Not good, girl.

Hilary runs off to meet Anton, despite Liza’s warnings. He takes her to … try real Swedish fish. He also calls her his girlfriend, which she dismisses, but then they still make out.

At work, Liza finds a check Diana wrote her for $1800, telling her to consider it an early bonus.

Liza and Josh are at the bar. He confronts her about her weirdness. She confesses to selling her underwear as she gets a text from Kaitlyn thanking her for the money. Oh Liza. The webs we weave.

Kimmy knows, too.
Luckily, Liza’s not cribbing from Ann M. Martin. OR IS SHE. (Okay, she’s not.)

Next week, more complications ensue. But you knew that, right? As we wait for next week’s episode, why not check out some more Younger recaps here?

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