A Touch of Greed

A Touch of Greed

A Touch of Greed

Cheap Book of the Week: A Touch of Greed

Thriller, A Touch of Greed, by Award-Winning author, Gary Ponzo, is our cheap book of the week, selling for $2.99. With a series of 5-star reviews on Amazon, this Book is among the Top 100 in the Thriller Category.

About the Book

Nick Bracco, the FBI anti-terrorist agent is back in this high-octane thriller where he hunts down “The Butcher”, a Mexican assassin, Antonio Garza, who has enough cartel money to add US law enforcement onto his payroll. Taking place on the Arizona-Mexico border, Bracco tracks down Garza with a few trusted agents and a backup of extensive Mafia contacts. You’ll keep turning the pages where it’s Sicilians against the cartels.

About the Author

Nominated for the prestigious Pushcart Prize, ward-Winning author, Gary Ponzo, has written a series of thrillers featuring Nick Bracco. He lives in Arizona with his family.

Review Comments

  • “Gary Ponzo’s thrillers are so powerful, the government should use them as a renewable source of energy.” John Locke, NY Times Best Selling author
  • “Gary Ponzo is a talented writer whose fiction contains a sharp wit all fiction readers should hear.” Ed Knight, Journey Books
  • “From the opening scene, which is guaranteed to solidly snag you, Ponzo seamlessly transports you into the world of anti-terrorism, drug-running, domestic and international politics.” Claude Bouchard
  • “The dialogue is superb together with a highly descriptive narrative which makes you feel part of the story.” Stuart McCallum

Book Details

  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • File Size: 313 KB
  • Print Length: 222 pages
  • Available: Amazon

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